Strated trading with stock

Last weekend I started trading with stocks. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and now I thought was the time to get started. This week has initially started  out negative but I’m in it for the long term and think it will turn around, it usually do. I’ve been introduce to a service called Sigmastocks that I’m tring out, so far its pretty new to me so I will come back on how it works out for me. Super excieted for this and monitoring my stocks almost every day right now. Right now I’m however only trading on the Swedish market. Do you trade with stocks? Any advice for this, please share it.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone, yeah I know its December 26th today but anyway. I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas. I’ve been spending the last couple of days with friends and family and I’ve been taking a lot of photos and also tried some video so I’m super excited to see how all of this turns out. If it turns out okay I will share it here on the blog is the plan.

Right now I’m in Dalsland with my girlfriend G’s family and in their cottages up here. I looks like we have a storm coming in during the afternoon and the night so we will see how that turns out.


Work trip

So woke up early this morning way earlier than necessary but it was real good because for once I could go back to sleep. When I finally went up I had a great hotel breakfast and after that I checked out as a took a cab with my new colleague J to the construction work environment course where I then spent the day. A lot of thought not only for work but also for me outside of work. Think it was a real good course and I really like that the company invest the time and money in their personnel. A good way of showing the way for the rest of the industry. 

After the course me J and two other shared a cab to the airport and flew home to Gothenburg. It’s truly amazing how many nice, driven and friendly people I’ve meet the last two days and that are my co-workers. Impressed a hell to be honest and feels good to be working where I am.

Work trip to Stockholm 

First of all why am I always get extra security control in Sweden and Europe when it’s so rare for me in the US? Could I  look so much more friendly in the US maybe. 

So up extra earlie this morning think that alarm went of at 04.30 just to be sure. Maybe a bit overkill but it didn’t bother me.

So a drive to the airport with almost non existing traffic on the highway. Why all of this? The explanation is that I’m today are flying up to Stockholm for two days of education with the construction company I work for. It’s an introduction and one work environment course. Looking forward to both.

So guess the day will be pretty full of stuff  but really don’t know what to expect. 

By the way I’ve listened to Chase Jarvis Live podcast today and the interview with Richard Branson which was perfect for my 1 hour flight. Highly recommended!

Move back to Sweden

I moved back to Sweden from Norway about 1,5 month ago and I’m still kind of settling in. My girlfriend G is still working and living back in Oslo, Norway. And I’m renting a room back in Kungbacka, Sweden which is about 30 kilometers south of Gotherburg and my hometown and the place where I grew up. So I miss G quite a lot but there is a lot of fun things going on back home which makes it easier. Then I travel quite a lot back and forth between Oslo and Gothenburg during the weekends.

But I love Norway and its really a place that want to visit pretty frequently for the rest of my life and to discover even more.  But Gothenburg and Sweden is home somewhere deep down even if I’m open to other places in the future.

So tomorrow I will go back to Norway in order to spend som time with G. So right now I’m writing here on the blog, sending a draft at what I hope will become a book to a creative friend for feedback and packing my bags for my trip tomorrow. All of this from my working space and my new desk that I added as today’s’ photo.



Family gathering

Yesterday I was on a family gathering on my moms side of the family and meet her cousins and this kids which is a few years older than me. All where so nice and the location where they had arrange the dinner where a real lovely place in the woods of Skåne which is the southern parts of Sweden.

When I drove home the sun was about to set and the already beautiful landscape got even more stunning so I just had to stop in order to take a few pictures.

Midsummer in Sweden

Last weekend it was the biggest of all Swedish holidays. It was Midsummer.

I had been home to Oslo and working for a few days but Thursday evening/night new and my girlfriend G drive down to her family’s summer house in the Swedish countryside. All of this in order to celebrate midsummer. The largest event of the year for us Swedes.

So we woke up early Friday morning, which where midsummer. Then we prepared midsummer lunch which is herring, salmon, meatballs, eggs and so on.

The the guests arrived and we had lunch with beer and schnapps and there is some songs that goes well with the schnapps the most famous is “Helan går” think Alicia Wikander sang that one on jimmy Fallon a while ago if you want to check it out on YouTube. 

The we relaxed and socialized and played some games before it where time for dinner which traditionally is some kinds of BBQ so also this time and before the dinner we had drinks. It’s got to be said that Midsummer is a holiday that involves day drinking so also this time. In general a real nice day.

Then midsummer day we had a pretty chill day and went to the Auaduct and watched the boats and ate ice cream. After that we had lunch and I did my kayaking premier for this year which is as fun as always. Then we had a nice BBQ dinner and played some games and Sunday we all left our friends for Gothenburg and me and my girlfriend G for Oslo.

National Day

Had a great weekend and I’m now back in Oslo. Today’s Swedens national day and my beloved girlfriend G’s birthday. So tonight there will be some celebration back home. I’m looking forward to it. 

I got to say that the Swedish national day is a bit low key compared to a lot of other countries but we had peace for over 200 years and been rather independent for late part of our history. We also known as a counter that helps other people in need.  All good things to be proud of. Since I moved to Norway I also appreciate and love Sweden even more. So happy birthday Sweden.

So it will be some traditional Strawberry cake today which is a lot of summer for me.

Sunday and I’m in the Göteborg area over the weekend. Got to be honest pretty nice to here. It got a special place in my heart. Friday night we (me and my girlfriend G) arrived to Kungälv and had BBQ with her parents which where real nice. Yesterday we visited my home town Kungsbacka and meet up with my dad and his girlfriend and took his new boat out on the the fjord there and dad tried his new fishing equipment and we took a swim and had a classic Swedish fika before we headed back to the main land.

Then me and G drove into here sister K in Göteborg and had dinner and after that we went on the Håkan Hellström concert at Ullevi (Håkan Hellström is among the biggest Swedish artists today and Ullevi is  a big outdoor arena) and we also broke the arena record with 70.000 in the audience. An amazing evening and buggy and now I’ve just woken up in Kungälv and its time to start the day. What did you do yesterday?

Weekend plans

So its Thursday and I will head for Sweden tomorrow evening in order to celebrate my sisters birthday on Saturday. Really looking forward to it and to meet my sister and my family but I will also meet my sisters boyfriends family for the first time so will be interesting and fun to see who they are. He’s a great guy so they are most likely that as well.

My girlfriend has obligations here in Oslo so she will stay here in Oslo and I will see her again at Sunday evening so tonight it’s our night and we will have a nice dinnes together and hang out.

Got so much inspiration last few days so I’m just full of energy and inspiration and will see if I get som time to work on some of my ideas this weekend if I get som time off. Maybe the bustrips, we will see.

Whats your weekend plans?