New iPhone 6S

I’m not the first one to buy it and it might not be a sensation but it’s the first iPhone that I bought myself and not have inherited by someone else in a very long time. So it  feels great to have a new phone and have bought it and made most setups tonight. Was an early Christmas gift to myself.

Guess that it also will be a positive thing for the blog with a better camera in my phone and pretty sure it will work great as a device and took for the blog as well.

So looking forward to using it more and really try it out more.  


Instagram cleaning

I’ve been on Instagram for a couple of years now but a few days ago I realized that it’s time to do something about my instagramfeed. I realized that it consisted of several users that I just flip by and have no interest in anymore.

That’s when I decided to update and customize my feed to a one where I follow people I care about or enjoy. The integers must go. So that’s why I now check out the feed and reflex if the once I follow should stay in the feed or be cleaned away.

However this doesn’t mean that I’m just are cutting and are cleaning away people, I’m also looking for new interesting or funny people to follow so you have any recommendations please tell me I would be happy to check it out.

Trying the Boomerang app

For the last few days I’ve been trying the app Boomerang that’s the latest app from Instagram and Facebook. Real simple design and looks good and easy to use but to be honest not very useful. Only time I’ve used in a good was so far is when I threw leafs in the park last Sunday.

To summarize, design and user friendliness is great but purpose of the app is a bit more unclear to me.

Advertising on Instagram

It’s been talk about it for a while but until today I’ve never seen it in Sweden or Norway but now has it obviously also reached us in Scandinavia. 

I think is okay as long as Instagram is a free app and network but only as long as they can do it in a good way with information that I might be interested in and  it should look good and be relevant. As long as it is these thing I think I can handle it, if not I will most likely decrease my use if Instagram.

By the way congratulation SAS for your free extra advertising, your welcome.


Tech evening

Not so much photos on the blog lately but I’m experiences a few problem when I try to upload them but I’m working in the problem. This is really important for be right now because I just transferred a lot of pictures from this summer to my Mac and super excited to share it with you. 

I also updating my iOS units right now and preparing them for the Apple event next week where I expect iOS9 to all my devices. And I really hoping for a new iPhone as well.

Refection on historical storage space at computers

Spending some time in front of my Mac and trying to organize some files and clear some storage at my computer. I see that Ive just got 15 GB left and thinks “that’s nothing”. But really? When I started to use computers 15 GB of storage where so much storage that you couldn’t even imagine it. At the first computers I used there storage space where in MB. Yes, I’m that old for all you younger readers. It’s just funny when you reflect upon it and realize how far your views and perspectives in a matter can change without you even noticing it.

But I love to have a lot of storage spac for my files and because I’m like to photograp I have today several USB drives with storage space in TB.

Grandma at Instagram 

Just couldn’t resist to write about this. My grandma who is well over 80 years just added me on Instagram. I know she like to keep up with “modern” technology but this one wouldn’t I even imagine. Tech grandma that’s cool. So when I visited her this weekend she posted a photo of me. So impressed by her.

Hope I’m they curious when I’m I here age. And if someone asks she’s 25 years.

Apple Music

Today is the first official day of Apple Music for the public. So I’m that interested in both music and tech just had to update my iOS devices to iOS 8.4 so I could access Apple Music.

So I’m trying it out and so far have I found what I’m looking for when it comes to different artist. The design looks very good in one way and not good in another way. So far I’m not sure if I will leave Spotify for this but it’s the first day and I expect that improvement will come within the next couple of months. 

What makes me most irritated right now is the the playlists not sync between different units. But hope it will work soon. The range of available music is good. Looking forward to try it for the next three months for free as Apple let you do in order to convince you to use it.


Apple WWDC 2015

Yesterday where a Apple Event, if you’re interested in tech I don’t think you’ve missed it. I saw the event and re-watched some of it today to catch up on a few things that I missed. So what are my thoughts on the event? In general I think it started of good but then I think it went less good.

OSX El Capitan

The new OS will mainly give a bump up the speed and performance of the OS and this seam like the main feature of the new OS. This where also quite expected. Otherwise the best feature accordig to me is the new features on how you can slipt a screen between to windows in the same way as you can on Microsoft Windows which is a feature I’ve been missing the the Mac for quite some time now. More than that I don’t think there where any big news for OSX.


Gets similar updates as OSX with increased performance and battery saving along with a split scree function for the iPad as it has been rumors about for almost a year now. However this was not the most impressive thing we saw during this event. There will be a proactive and improved Siri that provides you with information when you need it and that predict your behavior with your device as Google Now does today. This is a feature I really looking forward to try and are very curios at. I’ve tried Google Now on my iPhone and even on iPhone it work okay and I like the concept which I think is a part of the next generations technology for personal devices.

There will also come a new app called News which is a app very similar to Flipboard that looks great and that I’m looking forward t try as well.

They also presented the new music streaming service Apple Music that is like Spotify that didn’t impress me very much but I will most likely try it. Especially since it’s free the first three months.

This where my first summary of the event. Will probably have more thougts on it later on.

By the way all this will be released in the fall.

Pre-Apple Event thoughts

Later today it’s time for Apple to have their WWDC 2015 Apple event. I will of cours follow it as usually and find that kind of things entertaining. Until a few days ago I had high hopes of a new Apple TV with new functionality but the last couple of days rumor indicate that news like that not will happen this time. But I still hope something will happen with the Apple TV maybe a new OS that ha been developed with apps had been nice to see. Except that I think there will be a new OS X and a new iOS version. Rumors say that both OS will focus at performence and tat this might make older devices work better with the new OS updates. Then they will probably show us HomeKit which is Apples view of how we can control our homes with Apple device and this I except an Apple TV what I will be mostly curious about.

The. We will probable see a music steaming service that will compete with Spotify which so far isn’t something I’m that excited about and maybe some new information of the Apple watch.

Looking forward to the event and will keep you posted.