On the road to Sweden

Okey, had an intense day at work and a tight schedule in order to get on the bus in time. Bus is except car probably the fastest way to travel in between Oslo and Göteborg. I am now on the bus and have aten dinner and the hot weather made water bottle just disappear.

Anyway will arrive tonight and will stay at a friend until tomorrow.  Have some musts before lunch and after that will I take the train south to my home town Kungsbacka. In Kungsbacka I will see some family and maybe if I got time also my grandmother and grandfather. Usually call them a few times a week but could be nice to see them.

Just got some great news from my girlfriend that we will go skiing in the Norwegian mountains this winter and have gotten a cabin to borrow.

Hope I can get a post out from the beautiful city of Gothenburg tomorrow.

See you!


Intense upcoming week

The upcoming week will be intense. First of all I will work as usual. Second, I will have guest both Tuesday and Wednesday here in Oslo. Thursday I will travel to Gothenburg for things I have to fix there at Friday morning. Then the journey will continue to Kungabacka at Friday evening to visit my mom and hopefully I will see my sister and maybe my grandparents. Then it’s back to Oslo early Sunday and after that there will probably just be to relax and load the batteries for next week.

Oh, one more thing I have a wedding speech I have to start preparing. Never written any before but I think I will manage it. All tips welcome by the way.

See you tomorrow!