The last few days I watched the mini tv serie Arm on Netflix. I’ve seen it earlier but didn’t remember it. It’s a story about a knight Templar. But it’s a it only about a knight it’s also about parts of Seedish history and love. It’s all based on the books about Arn written by the Swedish author Jan Guilliou. Books a really recommend. However it’s not only a a great story it’s probably one of the biggest Scandinavian productions in modern time. I didn’t recall that is was that many famous actors in the movie but it’s truly full of Swedish tv and movie stars for example Stellan Skarsgård, Gustaf Skarsgård, Joel Kinneman and many more. Impressive if you as me all from scenery, actors, photo all is a real good here. 

Warmly recommend it!


Started watching Mad men

I know I might be among the last once to start watching mad men but now I’ve started. To be honest I’ve started once before and quit after one episode but tonight I’ve seen two episodes. Kind of like it so far but not hooked yet. So pretty curious to see if I will get hooked on it. Only heard good things about it and the serie looks good, can’t say anything about that. So have you seen it? What do you think about it?

Brooklyn Nine Nine

So a while back my second cousin recommended this tv series to me and today I’ve been trying to relax after work and seen a few episodes.

For you who not know the serie it’s a comedy cop serie that take place in a precinct in Broklyn. And usually the cop comedy series are not that goo but this is. In fact it’s a real goo comedy serie and I like it a lot. 

I would grade it 4 out o 5 points.


Dinner out and MDLSF

So the weekend is getting closer and me and G will have different plans tomorrow so we went out and had dinner tonight. Tried a new place called burger terrasse here in Oslo and a review is coming. 

After a nice dinner we went home and did some must do things and saw Million dollar listing San Francisco. Quite like the show.

See you soon again.

Tv, meeting and Indian

So today have I had board meeting, worked, seen a TEDx talk and seen the season final of True Detective season two. A lot of screens but a got a short walk in the Oslo rain at least where I could call my grandma and my dad and gather my thought a little bit. No work out today either but at least I’ve only been eating healthy and today there where Indian wrapped on the menu in my home and G had dinner for me which I really appreciate. Often its me tat make dinner here at home. Now it’s time to read a bit and then sleep. What have you done today? Interested to hear what you’re doing.

Hey, there

A week ago since last time. Right now there is much going on in my life with work, must do stuff, my latest project, getting back into routines and to just get time to spend with G. All this and at the same time try to find some kind of good balance in life. Not easy but I think it works right now with the exception of the blog that I’ve not had time to write at. But had a good couple of days in the beginning of this week and trying to catch up at NHL and other hockey related things in order to be well informed when the seasin starts. Then I’m also trying to find inspiration and me and G are also looking at the second season of True Detective.

That’s all for today but will get back to you all soon again.

True Detective Season 2

Game of thrones just finished in HBO but they are not stupid so last Monday, they lunched the seasons 2 premier of True Detective. Season 1 where very successful and I liked it a lot in fact when me and G discovered the first season of True Detective we saw the entire season in less than a week. So both where very much excited Ove the season two.

G thinks it’s good after one episode while I’m a bit more reserved and think it’s at least promising. Like both Collin Farrell and Rachel McAdams since earlier and think they have potential in this serie as well. First episode where mainly about getting to know the characters and introducing them to the story and the surroundings.

Season Finale Game of Thrones

Last monday I saw the season finale of the 5th season of Game of Thrones. What a season finalle and I’ve got to say the many things where very surprising  and some made me a bit angry but many things where also left rather unfinished. So I got very mixed emotions about the episode. I would say that it have been a good season but it haven’t been the best episode in my opinion.

But I’m still lining forward to season six!

The Royal Swedish Wedding

The Swedish prince is today getting married to his girlfriend Sofia that today then become Swedena new princess. I’m a royalist so I have seen the wedding with G and my sister and her boyfriend V.

We have also done inter things today but that’s for another post. It was a beautiful wedding full of surprises and I really enjoyed following. It might also give some inspiration for a future wedding in some way. Been a lovely day and hope you had that to!