Lifeguard Thursday!

It’s back! Lifeguard Thursday! Back in Gothenburg and trying to get into good routines and good habits. Before I moved to Oslo I trained lifeguarding once a week and where even competing in it. After moving back to Gothenburg it’s been a bit difficult to settle in and get things to work with a new job and a lot of traveling to Oslo and finding an apartment among other things but now I’m hoping all of that is set and I’m good to get to start with the lifeguarding again.

It’s now everyone that knows that lifeguarding is a sport that you could compete in and in Scandinavia we got a lifeguarding competition called Nordic relay that’s adapted to indoors which I’m real great full for with our climate. However there is also international versions and competitions. Did you for example know that USA tried to get the international type of the sport to become and Olympic sport.

This photo is from the Swedish championships 2017.


Trying to get into workout routines 

Yesterday me and my girlfriend G decided to try to get some more heathy routines going in our life. So today were the second time at the gym in two days. Don’t know when that happens last time but feels good even if my body hurts but it’s in a good way.

The challenge is eat better Monday to Thursday and work out two times a week for 15 weeks. Got highly hopes for thi and so far it feels good. Any tips on good workout sessions?

Took this photo on my way home from the gym.

Yoga again 

Last night I did try yoga again and I must admit that I not was as flexible as last time and I didn’t feel as relaxed either. But I still got relaxed but not as much as last time.

Still like yoga as workout and curios to continue trying it a while more.

Trying Yoga

A few days ago I tried yoga for the first time in my life. I took a class at my gym and I didn’t know anything and books a 90 minutes of yoga that not where for beginner so I had to try hard to keep up. I have it all and think it turned out more than okay. In fact I liked it a lot and I will keep on doing it  I think it worked out quite well and I love to work out with my body as its only weight and the combination of strength and the mindfulness isa thing I really like. Then I’m not very flexible so I think yoga can do me good.

After the class I felt very relaxed and did so for a long time afterward. I really liked yoga and will probably try it more times in the weeks to come.

What a start of the week!

Monday and I’ve started of the week with running and now grilling some salmon out on the balcony. I’m trying to enjoy the last piece of summer and the early still rather warm autumn that slowly are getting closer here in Oslo.

Today have I also get selected to become a yelp elite ’15 member which I’m real see as an honor. I’ve been reviewing on yelp rather frequently lately and often I also try to share the reviews here on the blog. They are on there way but not totally there yet.

Also started making plans for the autumn and today I has also a great plans with a few trips to Sweden but also some great guests that will come and visit me in Oslo, work with the board I’m on and a lot of other things. Then this winter I’ve got a trip coming up. Think we will have a great autumn and winter together here at the blog.


Want to try Stand Up Paddleboard

Since last summer I want to try a stand   up paddleboard or a SUP as its shortened as I’ve learned along the way. I’ve been looking at trying this a long time now and this might be the summer when I can make it happened. I’ve so far scouted at least one sure location to try a SUP along the way of my road trip and I know probably at least one location in Sweden as well. But I hope I get to try this during my California road trip. 

Then a few days ago I also got a message form G’s sister that thought we should have one of these at the cabin in Dalsland so we will se if one of these end up there as well.

Have you tried SUP yet?


Rediscovered my Fitbit

A year ago I revived a Fitbit flex as a gift from my family and I used it frequently for about a month I would guess. But yesterday I picked it up and had it with me when I where hiking in order to track my movement and it worked so good that I’m using it today as well. I’ve now been using it for a couple of days and it really works in order to motivate my to go for that extra walk or get away to the gym. So far so good!