Rediscovered my Fitbit

A year ago I revived a Fitbit flex as a gift from my family and I used it frequently for about a month I would guess. But yesterday I picked it up and had it with me when I where hiking in order to track my movement and it worked so good that I’m using it today as well. I’ve now been using it for a couple of days and it really works in order to motivate my to go for that extra walk or get away to the gym. So far so good!


Pain, Sun & Wednesday 

I’m sore in my muscles since the last days workouts but I like it. In fact to be sore in my muscles after been working out is my favorite pain. However today have a been a day with just walking about 14 km but nothing more than that in order to get the body some rest.

As the headline might hint about have it been almost summer weather today which it should be I mean it’s almost June by now. That usually means summer even in Scandinavia. The plans for the weekend slowly take shape and we will see what happends.


At the gym

The hike yesterday in combination with a little bit of bad conscious and with the help from my Fitbit flex that I’ve started to use again I ran to the gym today.

The running is not really where I would like to have it but the gym felt much better than I’ve expected so a good feeling inside now after the workout. I’ve also tried a new gym. 

Now it’s just to keep up the good work! But I need inspiration so if you have any good blogs please leave a comment below.


Monday Hike

Today is a holiday here in Norway so G hand scouter a route that we went hiking today. The where about 8 km and up on a mountain with great views over Oslo. Where good weather and the routes are so beautiful and the nature is stunning. We where very tired afterward but very satisfied with the fact that we have been out and excercised. This is one of the best things I know about Norway to be honest and just want to get out hiking again soon. It’s also a great way to hang out for me and G and we enjoy these kind if things very much both of us. In fact if you visit Oslo or Norway I would definatley recommend to get out in a hike.


Perfect Swedish Day Off

Just got a perfect day off here in Sweden. All begun with a nice breakfast with banana pancakes this morning and after that I slowly moved outside and was laying outside reading the virgin way by Richard Branson and very good and inspiring book so far. After that we had lunch with G’s grandpa and her uncle and aunt.

After lunch I continued reading but fall asleep in the sun. So woke up an hour later and took a run with G not to far away and then I made some salmon on the grill and had to dinner with G and her grandpa it was a great day as you can see.

A perfect day to spend your last day as a 27 year old.



Just to admit, the first run of the new year that I can think of and I am out of shape. But no reason to feel sad or bad just to make something about it. So just showed now and enjoying the last pieces of sun on the balcony for the third day in a row, that’s amazing.


7 minute workout

The 7 minute workout arrived a few years ago and I tried it out for a short period but then it all got away from me. But in order to get moving more I downloaded an app a few days ago and yesterday I tried it.

The app where great but hope to test it some more before I review it for you. But so far so good.

Happy to try this again.