West Coast Kayaking

I’ve been kayaking before but last weekends winds where around 8-10 m/s so that where a decent challenge. Especially since it was the third time I was out kayaking at sea. However, I’ve spent more time kayaking in lakes.

The crew for the trip where 3 out of 4 members that will go to Lofoten in 2,5 week. It was me, my wife G and out Norwegian friend A. So we geared up and paddles out into the waves and it took some effort and about 2 hour before we reached the island Ängholmen about 5 kilometers from Marstrand that is a more famous location at the Swedish west coast.

There we set camp for the night and and had a really nice evening swimming, testing tents, sleeping gear and outdoor kitchens for the trip to Lofoten. Where a pretty nice test. Windy but rather warm temperatures in the air and sunny. Also got some pretty nice photos. And I had 24 hours without internet. I just sent texts telling my family when I arrived and left locations and took a few photos. Most photos however, I took with my GoPro camera.

Loved kayaking at the west coast so it might happen again.

3 weeks to Lofoten

In 3 weeks I’m heading up to Lofoten in Northern Norway together with my wife and my two friends A and H. Together we will make a Scandinavian adventure crew. Me and G two Swedes for Gothenburg and Mr. A an Norwegian living in Oslo, Norway and Mr. H a Norwegian living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

So preparations has slowly started. I will will keep you posted her at the blog.

I will most likely go offline for most of the time while there but I will also most likely write about it here on the blog when I get back. I will also write about the preparations and other trips and adventures until then.

Winter Adventure Week!

It’s a special week. I’ve got a few days off, more exactly Thursday and Friday. Some even if it’s Monday I’m preparing for a mini vacation and winter adventure. Super excited.

So what’s the plan? The plan is to on Wednesday drive to Oslo, Norway for one night I order to pick up my wife and while she’s at work in Thursday I’m thinking if either get out skiing or an a short hike in the Oslo area. So when she gets off work I will pick her up and drive to Långberget, Sweden in order to meet up with the in-laws and go cross country skiing on Friday. The go alpine skiing on Saturday in Branäs. The. Hopefully get a short cross country session on Sunday as well before we drive back to Gothenburg again.

The bags are prepared and packed so I just need to prepare the last tomorrow and pack the car.

I’m super excited!

Adventure to Sweden’s highest mountain?

I’ve been home from Mexico for about 2 weeks and already a new trip starts to take place in my mind.

This time it’s a dream of many years I’m looking into fulfilling. Climb the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise. A summit hike.

Me and the wife (G) have been talking about it for some time. Me and dad have also been taking about it as something that would be fun to do together.

So today I’m spending some time on pre-planning in order to have the basic facts and info in place for a decision.

Right now I’m looking at the summer 2019 because there is some plans for this summer already that’s up in the air. That I most certainly will share with you when I know more about them.

However, after an initial check it all seam pretty possible. Some extra training for the purpose will be necessary but I’m very positive to it. It would be and experience of a life time and I’m already watching clips at YouTube.

It would be an attempt on a 2000+ meters summit. I did one attempt on a 2000+ meters summit last year in Norway but had to abort, because a friend got ill and I had to help him down the mountain. I might get a new attempt on that summit this summer but it’s not completely decided yet. So I really hope for this adventure it would be amazing.

Next adventure?

Finally I’m starting to catch up with everyday life back home. Work, the apartment, the car all slowly is getting as it should be but as soon as I stop my mind wanders off to a place of its own. I’m looking for my next adventure. So right now I’m thinking about surfing, hiking up my first 2000 meter high mountain or some kind of new experience like that.

All suggestions are welcome, do you have any or what’s yours? Please share them in the comments below.

The Kontiki Museum 

This weekend I had guest here in Oslo, Norway. So I showed them around to different sights here in Oslo. And one of these places where the Kontiki museum. The museum is about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions around the world where Kontiki is the most famous.

During the Kontiki expidition Thor and his crew build a wooden raft in balsa wood and sailed it for 100 days between South America and Polynesia in order to show that the people from Polynesia came from South American and not Asia.

The position took place in 1948 and during this expedition the crew at Kontiki documented the entire trip. It all ended up in a documentary that later won an Oscars Award for best documentary in 1950. A documentary that I really could recommend.

The expedition has also become adventure and history movie of a bit more fictional type but still based on the true events and story of reality. That movie where released in 2012 and is also a move that I would recommend.

Here is a link if you would like to visit the museum or get more information about it.

Here is a photo from the visit yesterday.


Kontiki weekend

It has become a bit of a Kontiki weekend for me. Before this weekend I didn’t know very much about Kontiki that is a raft that where built by a the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdal. He and 5 other guys sailed the raft from Peru to Polynesia in their hand build raft in 101 day and proved that it was possible for people that travel between these two places even several hundred years ago.

But now I know a lot more about it and are very fascinated by both Kontiki and Thor Heyerdal. I visited the museum yesterday and today I saw the documentary they recorded while they did their journey. The documentary won also an Oscar in 1951 for best documentary.

Must say that it was a very interesting documentary and really liked it, even if it’s over 65 years old.

The museum was great and I can really recommend it.

Here’s some pictures from the visit at the museum.