NFL Pickem

I started o play the NFL Pickem game which pretty much is a game where you guess what team wins what game in order to get points. This week which is week 3 in the NFL didn’t exactly go as I thought but it isn’t went totally wrong either. However, I like watching the NFL and its fun way to follow it got a rookie follower as I am. Trying to learn more about the game.

So that’s it the post. See you tomorrow.

Super Bowl XLIX

As a Swede I’m not exactly grown up with American football. Some how I have any way found my way to start watching it last couple of let’s say five years. And I follow the NFL when I get the chance.

A few days ago I recorded the Super Bowl so I’ve been watching when I got the possibility. Had to split it up some in order to get the time but worked out fine.

Not that impressed by the haft time show this year but the game was great!