App In The Air

Today I flew to Stockholm again this morning for a leadership course at work and took a flight back home to Gothenburg and every single time I use the app App in the air. Suprisingly, this might be one of my favorit apps and I will break it down for you and explain why.

  1. All the info I want!
    Yes, that’s right. It gives me all the info that I want, when I need it. When the check-in closes, when boarding starts, what gate I need to be at, when it leaves, when I should arrive and delays of there i any. Just magnificent. This is just how I want technology to work.
  2. Tracks me
    This might be scary to some people but I find in fantastict I can look back and see where and when I’ve been to different places in the world when I’ve been flying. I even gives me home many kilometers and how many hours I’ve spent flying. In fact it even tells me what plane models I’ve flue with and what airlines.
  3. Beautiful and Easy
    The app is just beautiful and shows with great grapics the statistics and the trips I’ve done on a map and then there are small acheivments thats fun to reach and really simple and easy to use.

    Bonus. It works with my Apple Watch which feeds me the most importat info that I want without even have to take my phone out of the pocket.


Testing PressSync

For the last couple of days I’ve been trying out the blogging app PressSync on my iPhone and I’ve got to say that it works real good. Works both online and offline which is important for me to be able to write even when I not have any internet connection.

Will write a review later when I had the chance to try it over a longer period of time.

Testing Hyperlapse

Last couple of days I been testing the latest app from the Instagram crew. The app is called Hyperlapse and let you do exactly that: hyperlapses of things. Beautiful videos that makes exciting videos.

The interface is simple and easy to understand. The design is absolutely stunning according to me and I love it even if it’s a bit of a one trick pony. Dispute everything else it only does one thing but for that it’s great and beautiful. trying the latest app from Instagram.

The grade will be 4 out of 5. Great at what it do but miss the final edge to reach all the way to the grade 5 level.

By the way if you want me to try some other leave me a comment below so shall I see what I can do to test this.