5 years of blogging

It’s true, I’ve been blogging for 5 years this month. As you might know I’ve been more or less active in the blog during different period but it’s always a thing I love doing.

So, I’ve stared to look back five years in my phone and honestly was surprised by what’s happened during the last five years. I’ve finished university, got engaged, traveled, got married, lived and worked in Oslo for three years and moved back. A pretty crazy journey when I look back on it. Found a lot of photos in my photo library and not sure they ever been posted on the blog earlier but just to show some that’s happened during the last five years.

By the way I can highly recommend going through the last 5 years of photos. Changes perspectives a bit. I know the last five years have affected me deeply and hopefully mainly for good.

Please leave e comment below on what you’ve done the last five years?

New York, 2013

Oslo, 2014

Rome, 2015

Bali, 2016

Gaustatoppen, 2016

2016 Review

First of all I just want to say happy new year everyone and thanks for reading the blog during 2016. It’s amazing to be able to run this blog.

2016 have been an intense year but I first realized when looking back at it on new years eve. So I though I would summarize it a little bit. And I have an idea of split a deeper review up during the next month.

So 2016 started I started out on my trip to Bali. Which was my first time I spent new year outside of Sweden. Bali was amazing and among the best trips of my life and right now I can see a lot of people posting from Bali on social media and I just want to go back soon again.

However the trip ended and I returned back to work and my home in Oslo. Back home in Oslo i cross country skied as much as I could and when X-games visited Oslo me and friend went and saw the big air competition which where amazing.

During the spring I celebrated my 29th birthday and I did so in Florence, Italy which where great. Don’t think I ever been to a city where I’ve eaten som much great food and been drinking so much great wine and with great I really med GREAT!

Just two weeks after my return to Oslo I went back to Italy. This time I stopped in Milan on the way to Cinque Terra where I hiked for 5 days with beautiful views.

The summer I spent in Sweden as usually together with my family and during the summer my grandpa on mother side past away. But I also had a real nice summer. Most of it by my girlfriend G’s  family’s cottage in Dalsland but also on the Swedish West coast that pretty much is Swedish summer to me. I also climbed hiked up the Norwegian mountain Gaustatoppen and meet my mom’s cousins and their children which where about the same age as me.

The autumn has I not written som much about on the blog but where among the biggest changes this year. I got a new job in Sweden that meant that I moved form Norway back home to Sweden again. However, I still travel a lot to Oslo and Norway because my girlfriend G still lives in Oslo. Much of the end of the year have been going to establishing my self back in Sweden. Taking up contact with friends in the area. Started to train lifeguarding again.

It’s been an intense year and I already now know that 2017 might be a even bigger year for me. I will let you know soon what this hint is about.

Bali – Sanur, day 12

Today I’m leaving Bali and will go back home. The good thing with today is that we left rather late in the evening. So I had a whole day at the beach first. Just what I needed just to relax and get some sea and some sun. Will miss Bali, no doubt about it. 

Had also a real good taxi driver in my way to the airport who I was talking a lot with. If I new who his name I would recommend him but I don’t have it. But we talked a lot about the culture, traditions, history and life at Bali which is so amazing and so interesting. I really would like to go back here. Seen so much the last couple of 12 days.

Time to get back! Think there are post about Bali that I will post even when I get back.

Visit Bali if you get the chance.


Bali – Sanur, day 11

So tomorrow I will go back home but today I had a great day. I took a second surf lesson at Rip Curl school of surf here in Sanur and it was just great and I had so much fun. I’m hooked and would so much like to go surfing soon again. 

By the way I would defiantly recommend the surf school had two great instructors in Anna and Ketut. Thanks!

After the surf lesson I spent the rest of the day and the beach and finished reading my third book for this vacation. Can’t remember when I read three books like this the last time. It’s so nice to just hang out on the beach and trying to improve me tan before I get home to snow and winter.

And now it’s time for dinner.


Bali – Sanur, day 10

Todays is The 10th day of the Bali trip and just back form what probably the best snorkling of my life. Water temperature thats is warmer than most warmed up pools in Scandinavia.

Rented a bout that took me and the people I’m traveling with out to two of the three islands outside of Sanur where Lembongan is one of the and been snorkeling on two great coral reefs. Was amazing to swim just above the reef with beautiful fishes for hours. It was as swimming in a aquarium. Men snorkeling in Egypt and Israel earlier but this was something else.

Been a great day, tomorrow it’s time to surf again.

Bali – Sanur, day 9

Started the day of by the pool and with some swimming and then an early lunch. After that I’ve realized a dream I went surfing for the very first time and I loved it. I took a surf lesson and it was good conditions for someone that’s new like me. The lesson went good and by the end of it I chaught my first wave by my self. So really want to do it again if I get the opportunity by the paddling back out was hard work.

Bali – Sanur, day 7

Starting to adapt to Sanur and the new hotel. As I write earlier today day 7 here in Bali was the New Year’s Eve but I’ve already written about that. Other than the new hers celebration I took a walk along the beach front walk and where in Sanur city and did some shopping or at least looked but didn’t really find that much by they had a nice book store that j really liked at the Hardys snapping center.

Bali – Sanur, day 6

Woke up in Ubud today and had breakfast and then went out for a short walks and made some shopping. Shorts to myself and a few gifts to my family back home just something small. Then it was time to take the taxi to the next place.

About and hour drive and I arrived in Sanur. In Sanur I spent some time at the beach and got a big more familiar with the area closest to the hotel.

New Year’s Eve 

Last night was New Year’s Eve and I spent it here in Bali. I got to say it was a night to remember. Me and G and her family had dinner down at a reggae restaurant at the beach with a reggae band that was performing during the night. It was good good and a lot of fireworks.

I took a walk during the sunset last night and as soon as it got dark people started with the fireworks and after that it was fireworks the entire night and when I fall asleep around 01.00 there was still fireworks outside. That’s amazing and a real experience for me who really likes fireworks.

More than that is was a fantastic surrounding at the beach that where full of people and all very happy and friendly. It was people everywhere and still all was friendly and happy vibe.

I took a lot of photos that I will try to upload later. Probably when I’m back home.

Bali – Ubud, Day 5

So today is the fifth day in Bali and try first whole day in Ubud. I woke up early and and just stayed in bed reading until the others woke up and we had breakfast. After that I went to the sacred monkey forest and first thing that happens when me and my traveling companions entered the forest was that one of the monkeys stole on of the water bottles out of the hand of one of the other. Which created kind of a fun start for all the others of us. The monkey also got the cap of and drank the water with help of the cap. Quite smart little creature and I don’t think it was the first time he pulled this stunt.

Spent over an hour in the forest which where beautiful and I got my camera with me and took a lot of pictures both of the forest and of the monkeys. 

After that we had a juice and the we walked a bit and had lunch  and then the heat took me out so I missed the planed trip to the coffee and chocolate fields which I really hate but j wasn’t able to so just to like the situation and stay in bed for a few hours to rest, cool down and get better. So sleept a little bit and continued reading my book the burning room by Michael Connelly.

That’s how far I’ve got today I promis to keep you posted soon again. Bye from Bali for now.