Royal baptism: Prince Nicloas

Today the baptism of the youngest Swedish prince took place. As always with royals baptism it where broadcasted on the national tv channel SVT. So I started out this sunday with watching the baptism of prince Nicolas of Sweden. Where a rather classic baptism service and as it is in Sweden. The whole Swedish royal family where there and there family and friends including the youngest two princesses.

Sweden is right now in a period where we are getting new princes and princesses which i fun. We also have a new prince or princess on the way if all goes according to plan which we all hope.

If you want you can watch the Swedish broadcast from this event for the next 30 day here all over the for for free

Baptism weekend 

Saturday and me and G are in the Gothenburg area during the weekend. We arrived late last night and will stay until tomorrow when we will attend a baptism of the second child o our friends E and N. 

The entire week have we been out looking for a good baptism gift and now we think we got it since a few days back.

Always fun with baptisms to see the proud and happy parents and relatives and to hang out with friends.


Gothenburg Weekend plans

Today is a rather less sunny day but there is a weekend and a Friday just around the corner so thought that I would share my plans for the weekend with you. Once again me and G will head to Sweden. This time we will visit Gothenburg with the purpose of attending a baptisms of our friends second child. Which I’m looking forward to but I’m also have planned a trip to Borås to hang out with my friend S. Borås that by the way is known to be a rainy place but we hope it will be a warm and sunny day at Saturday.

However, the bags are know packed and I’m ready to take of directly after my work tomorrow.

 Been no work out today but have walked a lot so think it’s pretty okay anyway. See you tomorrow.


Weekend in Copenhagen

Have been trying to post this for a while now but today I finally got some pictures in from the trip into this post. This is about the weekend in Copenhagen two weekends ago.

It’s was a great weekend in Copenhagen for me and G. We arrived rather late at Friday evening and checked in at the hotel and then went out for a short walk and got something to eat. In this case it was a classic red Danish sausage.

Saturday started off by breakfast and then we got ready for the baptism of some friends daughter in Lund, Sweden. Took the train to Sweden which where very easy to do and worked perfect an took less than an hour. The baptism where beautiful and it where a traditional Swedish baptism in the church and afterward it where some Coffe and cake and we got to socialize with our friends. After that we had a short walk in Lund and had some lunch.

After that we headed back with the train to Copenhagen and Denmark. For a little walk in Copenhagen and then some dinner at the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-de-lux. Then the day where pretty much over since both me and G where rather tired after the day.

Sunday where mainly a shopping day but also to walk around a little bit. After that we headed out to the airport and did some tax free shopping and just relaxed until our flight for Oslo left. A great weekend where we visited all Scandinavia countries.

Great weekend and really like Copenhagen so would like to go back soon again. Then I hope to write some reviews of restaurants and so on as soon as I get the time and post them here on the blog.

By the way I nerver thought I would say this but I love Copenhagen.

First trip outside Norway of 2015

First trip of the year outside of Norway is coming up today. Heading away to visit both Denmark and Sweden.

Bags are packed and the suit and my Italian shoes are ready for this. Not the regular luggage for me but since I will attend a baptism i thought it’s best to be well dressed.

The plan is to eat dinner tonight in Copenhagen where we find something that seams good. No plans except finding the hotel and get familiar with the surroundings.

Saturday is baptism day so before noon we take the train to Lund in Sweden to attend the baptism. After that we head back to Copenhagen and G have booked a table that I don’t remember the name of right now but it seams promising.

Sunday isn’t that much planned yet so we will see what happen.

I am really looking forward to this weekend.

Baptism gift

Within a near future I will attend the baptism of my close friend A’s daughter so last couple of days I’ve spent with trying to get the hold of a good gift for her. Yesterday where out solving some things concerning this and today have I been out as well.

Really looking forward to the baptism. Will be nice to meet A and his family and his parents that I haven’t seen in a long time but also nice to meet some other friends that will attend.

Ticket to Copenhagen booked

Today haven’t I played as much guitar as yesterday but I still have played some. It’s so fun, it’s a bit like rediscovering how fun it actually is.

For a while I thought about going to Sweden and visit my dad for the weekend now when I where alone here in Oslo but have now almost decided to stay in Oslo and relax and just be. I have always a lot of thoughts and projects in my mind so some of them might get some time.

As I might have written earlier a friend of mine got a daughter a few weeks ago and me and G are invited to the baptism of her by the end of next month. So yesterday I booked flight tickets for that. So will be a baptism in Sweden in the city of Lund as I written about earlier but we will most likely stay in Copenhagen and spend some time there as well. Last time I were in Copenhagen must have been of 15 years ago and heard much nice things about it. So really looking forward to it, now its just the hotel and the train tickets between Copenhagen and Lund left but I think its best check out the options and then discuss it with G. She have been more in Copenhagen and travel with the train in her work so she might know something that I don’t.

Here is a picture from when I attended a party in Lund last year. Enjoy and see you tomorrow.