This weekend has been a bit more intense tha usually because I had to get back earlier today to Sweden. In order to celebrate my dad who turned 55 earlier this week. Where a nice party and I got to see my sister for the first time since Christmas.

So what have I done more this weekend? Friday I drove up to Oslo and my girlfriend G where at a film shoot and came home after me so I had some time to watch 2 episodes of the Tv serie breakout kings. And than we had some wine and just hung out.

Saturday we drove to Brovoll which is about a 1 hour drive north of Oslo into the maountains and went cross country skiing and it was so calm and peaceful and the nature where just amazing so at one point I just had to stop just to enjoy the quiteness, amazing. And the view where stunning lite a winter wonderland.

Later that night we drove back to Oslo and went to see Singin In the Rain at Folketeatret. Great musical and great show which ended a great day.



Today’s my birthday and I’m turning 29 years and going strong against 30. I got to admit I don’t feel especially old and I’m having a great time, maybe among the best times of my life. Then everything has ups and downs but right now it’s going pretty well. I have a few plans for the upcoming year and I’m real lucky to have wonderful people around me both here on the blog but also otherwise.

Right now I’m in Florence, Italy and just having a long weekend but there will most likely be some kind of celebration today but the plan is to go on a wine tour and visit wine yards and just tasting great wine. If I know me and my girlfriend G who’s also with me on this trips we will probably drink some prosecco which is Italy’s answer to the French Champange.

There will also happen a lot of other things if I know my self but nothing more planed. So how about the gifts you wonder? Yes, I’ve got some gifts from G but she gave me me them last week to be exact, Wednesday evening. Here is a photo of the gifts. 

Friday after work

Friday and tonight we will have afterwork at the roof of our my and G’s house here in Oslo with here co-works in order to start pre-celebrating G and the Swedish Constitutinal Day which both re tomorrow. Really looking forward towards this. 

I’ve now got G’s gift bought and hidden at home and tomorrow here mom, dad, sister and grandpa will come visiting us and spend the weekend here. As long as the plans a made for the weekend it looks like a good weekend.


Finally a weekend in Oslo

Been to Sweden and out traveling rather much lately so I’m really looking forward to have a weekend in Oslo this week. Friday I will tag along at. After works with G and her co-workers and at Saturday It’s G’s birthday so will celebrate her and her family will come up to Oslo and join the celebrations. Will be a good weekend a head.


28 Years

A few days ago I turn 28. The way to 28 have been good so far and I’ve gotten to a place in life I didn’t expect as a kid. I know when I was younger I thought I never would leave my hometown but here I am in Oslo and travelled a lot more than I ever expected. 

I spent my birthday in both Sweden and Norway and have got nice presents and food. It was a real good day and G celebrated me in a very nice way and earlier also here family had celebrated me.

Was a nice birthday.


Birthday party for my sister

Sunday and me and G are out on the road. We are driving south agains Halmstad where my sister lives. This so in order to attend her birthday party for family and relatives.

A long drive from the cottage/cabin where we have stayed for the last couple of days but it’s worth just to spend time with my entire family for the first time in a very long time.

Will be a 6 hour drive but we have borrowed my father in laws Volvo XC60. Borrow it from time to time when I’m in Sweden and it a great cat and so fun to drive. Makes it all so much easier.