Food, Beer & Copenhagen

Right now in Copenhagen for about 24 hours on vacation. So I’ve been here before and seen the little mermaid, Nyhavn and a few other tourist sites. So, what to do? It’s pretty simple. I love this city and I love food and beer. Which in this case seams to be a pretty perfect combo. Because that’s something that Copenhagen does really good.

Me and my wife started of by talking a walk and go shopping in the district of Vesterbro that is a really cool district. I found a new shirt and T-shirt.

Then we had booked a table at Mad & Kaffe after recommendations from a friend that lives in Copenhagen. Here I had the best ice the I ever had. Sweet ice the with passion fruit. Already here this where a really good place that I had the salmon sandwich and the fries with aioli and it became a great place. One of my best experiences of Scandinavian food.

After lunch it was nice to walk from Vesterbro to Nørrebro along the lakes and water in central Copenhagen. The warm sunny weather and the beautiful and diverse architecture made this replacing and beautiful. Got that summer vacation vibe.

Then we stopped at Brus which is a stunning beer and food bar in a brewery run by To Øl. I found this place while looking for beer bars and breweries in Copenhagen. This is hipster place with classic Scandinavian interior and amazing beer. Probably my new favorite place in Copenhagen. Can’t wait to visits the place again.

A walk back to the hotel and then dinner at Warpigs in Kødbyen. Which also is a brewery pub know for its meat in Texan bbq style and their beer. Real great meat and good beer in a big square with a lot of other restaurants.

Amazing day in Copenhagen and a great day just hangin around.

Back in the city

Day started of my waking up in the cabin up on the mountain. Had some breakfast, cleaned the cabin an left around noon. Took some about 4 hours to drive down to Oslo with a stop to eat and a stop at G’s job to hand over some things there.

So been back in Oslo now for a few hours and packed up had dinner and done some must do thing before the upcoming week starts tomorrow.

G will be away for the upcoming week with her job so I will run the show here in Oslo this week. But next weekend it planned that my friend S will show up and we will hang out and get some time to catch up. Really looking forward to that.

Otherwise no real ideas for the week ahead right now but I’m sure there will come up things.

Been a great weekend and hope to get up to the mountains again soon. Maybe in the beginning of next year during season and to get some skiing possibilities as well. However it was great this time and batteries are loaded for a new week.