Oslo Weekend

So half way though this week as well and it just passes me by som fast right now. But i can’t forget last weekend in Oslo. I had a extra day of because it was a public holiday in Sweden. So I took of to Oslo. Anyway during friday I started with stocks and we got guest and then we hit Oslo where we saw a concert with my favorit partyband Awesomesauce that have a playlist filled with guilty pleasure music from the 90s’ and until today. Music that I’ve listend to when I grew up and still listens to. Then me and my girlfriend G knows half the band but still they are real great. I’m sure they will show up later in the blog again during this year. After that there was a DJ with similar music and we dance until the morning came. Can’t remember when I danced all night last time. But it was so fun.

Saturday G and our guest just hung out in Oslo and where home and played games and sunday me and the guest drove back to Gothenburg, Sweden again. Awesome weekend.

And little video from the concert!



Midsummer Day

Good morning everyone! Today is midsummer which is a very special Swedish holiday. I’m really looking forward to the day that I will spend together with G and our friends E and N and their two kids.

Midsummer is a Swedish holiday where we celebrate the Swedish summer and is an very old tradition in Sweden where we dance abound the midsummer pole that in fact is a symbol of fertility and sing songs about the little frogs (små grodorna is the Swedish song title) and the fox that runs over the ice (räven raskar över isen is the Swedish song title). All quite strange texts when I reflect upon it and most things of this have designated dance moves.

Then we eat the traditional Swedish holiday food such as herring, meatballs, salmon and potatoes. To this it’s tradition to drink schnapps and other beverages. 

It’s also a day there the girls and women wear flowers in their hair and the days the the Swedish people are celebrating the most that they are Swedes.

So from me to all of you readers have a nice midsummer day!