Restaurant Review: Vippa, Oslo, Norway

This is among the coolest places I’ve been to lately and definitely the coolest and best food court/market I’ve ever been to. The place is an old warehouse building with a lot of foodtruckish stand that ll serve dishes from different places in the world. Italian, Thai, Chinese, American, Middle east and so on. And in the middle is the tables and the seats so all could sit together even if you want different dishes.

Great selection and but I tried the duck burger which where amazing and the fries with oregano which where to much oregano but okay. The duck truly where real great.

However, the experience in it self and the selection made me just want to come back. They also have a pretty cool outside area just by the water where you can enjoy the amazing view. Its  cool setting, perfect for lunch and brunch or just something to eat spontaneously. Its affordable among the best prices I’ve seen in Oslo for this kind of food so highly recommends it!

Have you tried it? What did you think? Please leave a comment below.


Café Review: Café Da Matteo, Gothenburg Sweden

I visited Gothenburg a city where I lived for 7 years before my nice to Oslo. But one thing I always wanted to try but never got the time to do is to try café Da Matteo. It’s mentioned in several international magazines and papers and is to be seen as the best café in Gothenburg if I got it right. Its also mentioned in the Swedish White Guide that rank the best places in Sweden to eat and drink.

So I finally tried it. I tried the nougat Croissant and the apple juice. Nothing very spectacular to try and all this where good. In fact it was very good but not the best I ever tried of the top croissant of apple juice. I had higher expectations after read and heard all about it.

However the the environment where cool it’s located in a very central but still a bit secluded part of the city and with a little square in front of it with trendy stores which I also visited. But the setting of the café is old fashion. The best feature is its location and interior or to be able to sit outside and look at people. I would try it again if I got the chance. I will give it 4 out 5 points and would recommend it.


Sunday evening

Last night came G home from Berlin and it was so nice to see her again. So we had dinner and relaxed and I make homemade Swedish “Semlor” which is buns with marzipan and whipcream in. “Semlor” exists in Norway but not in the same way as in Sweden, in Sweden we have a special day for it. I like Semlor so that’s perfect for me.

Here’s a photo of my homemade Semlor.

Sleep in Sunday

Last week I didn’t get so much sleep so for the first time this week I slept in today. Was exactly what I needed and have been rather relaxed all weekend.

Today have only doing what I must here at home so have cleaned and made food and ordered some Christmas gifts. More than that have I just watched tv and take it easy.


Pit stop

Okey, about and hour away from my final destination. Me and G have tapped at a McDonalds to get something small to eat and drink before we drive the last kilometers.

Also just realized that of I’m unlucky this might be the last internet connection I have until Sunday. Not likely but could be.