NHL: The New Overtime

This season the NHL introduced 3 on 3 and I know I’m a bit late to the subject but found this youtube video and was just impressed by the entertainment value of this part of the game. I think it shows the potential of this part of the game and how entertaining it really is. It’s a show people and I like it.

I wish the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) will pick this thing up because I think it would add something to the league. Just check this video out.

Modern Family Season 6

I am like kick’n back on the sofa of just laying in bed from time to time just watching some TV-series. Mostly I watch American series, not that much that catches my intrest of the Swedish or Norwegian once but there are still some from Scandinavia I really like. I think I get back to that some other time.

Now, Modern Family is one of my favorite TV-serie right now and a few days ago I discoverd that the all new season six just have started. So watched the first epeisode and got to say that it still keeps up. I really liked it and think ,it continued in the same style as it always been. However I won’t tell you more if you have missed the series I don’t wanna spoil it for you by telling you too much.

Greats series, recommend it, watch it if you like comedy!

Billy Elliot Musical

Bought spontaneously tickets to the Billy Elliot musical here in Oslo I few days ago. Last night I saw the show. Must say that it was an impressive production. Beautiful decor that really added to the surroundings and the feeling of the musical.

The singers, dancers and actors were real good. Then this was off course the Norwegian version of it that made me as a Swede miss a few things.

It’s set up at the Folketeater and let’s say it’s okay but not the best venues I’ve been to.

So would I recommend it? Yes, it was a good and solid musical.

The Podcast Hunt

I have listed to podcast since at least 2006 and always looking for new good podcast to follow. So this post have two purposes. First to recommend my favorite English podcast right now and then I hope to get you favorites.

Right now there are only two of my favorite podcasts that are in English. One about tech and one that are more general and that I have difficulties to define but I would call it entertainment.

This week in tech
California based podcast with discussions about tech news from every week and they also talks about trends within the tech area. Like the host Leo of the show and he has always interesting guests that provide the show with different perspectives.

The Filip and Fredrik podcast
The biggest podcast in Sweden for many years and this summer they rebranded their podcast and started to do it in English. Small talk between two guys. I think you have to listen to it to understand I can simply not explain it.

What podcasts are your recommendations? Please leave them in the comments below.