This weekend has been a bit more intense tha usually because I had to get back earlier today to Sweden. In order to celebrate my dad who turned 55 earlier this week. Where a nice party and I got to see my sister for the first time since Christmas.

So what have I done more this weekend? Friday I drove up to Oslo and my girlfriend G where at a film shoot and came home after me so I had some time to watch 2 episodes of the Tv serie breakout kings. And than we had some wine and just hung out.

Saturday we drove to Brovoll which is about a 1 hour drive north of Oslo into the maountains and went cross country skiing and it was so calm and peaceful and the nature where just amazing so at one point I just had to stop just to enjoy the quiteness, amazing. And the view where stunning lite a winter wonderland.

Later that night we drove back to Oslo and went to see Singin In the Rain at Folketeatret. Great musical and great show which ended a great day.


Showing Mom Dalsland

If you read the blog rather frequently you might’ve read that me and my girlfriend G spend time a quite often in the Swedish region/province Dalsland. G’s family have a summer house or cottage there or to be honest one house and one more of a cottage or cabin place. However, I’ve never showed this place for anyone in my family thorough out the 6 years me and G have been together. But yesterday me and mom drove up the Dalsland and spent until today up there visiting G and here family.
So yesterday we showed mom Håverud which is a historical site and a monument of the peak of Swedish engineering during the 19th century and the engineer of Nils Ericsson who also had a famous brother who was an engineer that might me more famous for you North American readers that I know we have here in the blog as the man who invented the Monitor the world first propeller driven water transport and which can be seen as the forefather to the modern submarine.

Then we went to kind of a outlet and did some shopping and took a swim in the lake and had dinner with G’s parents.

Today we have been out to the wood and been gathering wild blueberries also took a swim in the lake before we headed back to the Gothenburg area again. So tonight it have just been me and G and we will tomorrow travel down to the Swedish region/province of Skåne a few days to relax.

Family gathering

Yesterday I was on a family gathering on my moms side of the family and meet her cousins and this kids which is a few years older than me. All where so nice and the location where they had arrange the dinner where a real lovely place in the woods of Skåne which is the southern parts of Sweden.

When I drove home the sun was about to set and the already beautiful landscape got even more stunning so I just had to stop in order to take a few pictures.

Goodbye Grandpa

Yesterday my grandpa passed away and I traveled back home to Sweden to say goodbye and to be with my family. So I sat up until late last night with mom and talked about him. I’ve had a kind of unreal last 24 hours and now I’m on my way back home to Oslo again. Now we wait for the funeral but once again it shows me that we must take care of eachother and the once we love.

Grandpa has very much inspired me to do what I’m doing. We have disused work, engineering, Norway, politics and so much more over the years. I’m lucky to had you as a part of my life. A photo I found in his room yesterday. Today a thing like this means a lot to me. The little boy is me by the way.

Bithdays & Concerts

Today I’m renting a car and will drive down to Göteborg, Sweden from my home here in Oslo, Norway. Is not that long drive and me and my girlfriend G does it from time to time over the weekends.

This weekend the plan is to celebrate some birthdays. I turned 29 a few weeks ago, my girlfriend G have birthday on Monday and here dad later that week so we will celebrate all of us this weekend.

Saturday is also the big concert day. Me, my girlfriend G and here sister K will go and see Håkan Hellström. Is a Swedish artist from Göterborg and comes from the indiepop genre and that kind of grew into one of the most popular artist in Sweden. The concert will be on the legendary arena New Ullevi and I think it will be somewhere around 60 000 – 70 000 people there so it will be amazing. Is a also nice weatherreports which makes it even better because it’s an outdoor arena.  By the way in the 80’s Bruce Springsteen played here and the concert damaged the arena so they had to rebuild parts of it in order to fix it. That a hell of a concert!

I also hope to get some time to stop by dad and check out his new and first real boat but will see if there is time for that. I hope so.

Weekend plans

So its Thursday and I will head for Sweden tomorrow evening in order to celebrate my sisters birthday on Saturday. Really looking forward to it and to meet my sister and my family but I will also meet my sisters boyfriends family for the first time so will be interesting and fun to see who they are. He’s a great guy so they are most likely that as well.

My girlfriend has obligations here in Oslo so she will stay here in Oslo and I will see her again at Sunday evening so tonight it’s our night and we will have a nice dinnes together and hang out.

Got so much inspiration last few days so I’m just full of energy and inspiration and will see if I get som time to work on some of my ideas this weekend if I get som time off. Maybe the bustrips, we will see.

Whats your weekend plans?

Weekend with my family

I’ve spent a few days in Sweden in order to attend a meeting as a member of the board in an live saving organization in Gothenburg and in order to spend some time with my family. It took me back to Sweden for a few days which where great but it also happend a lot in  Sweden during these days.

The first players of Team Swedens world cup team was annonced and a new royal prince was born into the Swedish royal family. Both events will get posts here on the blog soon.

But either way I had an amazing time home in Sweden together with my family and I got to spend time with both mom, dad, grandma and my friends M & K. So pretty full booked weekend but I was just what I needed. Will make a quick visit to Sweden next week as well but much quicker and in order to attend a funeral. So parts of the weekend will at least be in Oslo, Norway that is something that I also need from time to time just to be home here in Norway.

Tonight when I arrived I arrived to a cold, wet and snowy Oslo and i think it will get a bit warmer within the next few days. We will see about that.

Weekend plans

Last night I got back to Sweden for a weekend with friends and family. So last night we had schrimp night with G’s family. Me and my to be father in law discussed cameras, a rather interesting discussion. 

Today we will have lunch with my dad in Gothenburg before we meet up some friends at a spa here in Gothenburg where we will have spa and dinner and will stay until tomorrow when we head back to Oslo. 


Fake Christmas #2

Yesterday I celebrated fake Christmas with my family couple of miles south of Gothenburg. Today is a new day and the plans for today is to celebrate fake Christmas together with my girlfriend Gs family a couple of miles north of Gothenburg.

So I think that today will it probably be more traditional Christmas food. Some relative to G will also join us which will be nice.

Tonight I’ve got some plans with two old life guarding buddies J and S so we will go out and have dinner together at a restaurant in Gothenburg. I’m really looking forward to that.


Fake Christmas #1

Good morning! This Christmas will be a bit different as you probably will discover soon here at the blog. Until now all Christmases has been in Sweden with my family.

But this Christmas will I not be able to spend this Christmas together with my family in Sweden. So today me and my girlfriend G will celebrate fake Christmas with my family and I’m so super excited for this.

We will start of the day with breakfast at my moms place. Then we will pick up my sister and her boyfriend V at the train station and then go to grandma and pick her up and drive to my dad for lunch. After that dad his girlfriend, my sister m, V me and G will go to Liseberg if the weather allows us. Liseberg is the amusement park here in Gothenburg where they have a thousand lights and fake snow and a market and other Christmas related stuff. 

I’m so happy just thinking about it.