Rediscovered my Fitbit

A year ago I revived a Fitbit flex as a gift from my family and I used it frequently for about a month I would guess. But yesterday I picked it up and had it with me when I where hiking in order to track my movement and it worked so good that I’m using it today as well. I’ve now been using it for a couple of days and it really works in order to motivate my to go for that extra walk or get away to the gym. So far so good!


At the gym

The hike yesterday in combination with a little bit of bad conscious and with the help from my Fitbit flex that I’ve started to use again I ran to the gym today.

The running is not really where I would like to have it but the gym felt much better than I’ve expected so a good feeling inside now after the workout. I’ve also tried a new gym. 

Now it’s just to keep up the good work! But I need inspiration so if you have any good blogs please leave a comment below.