Weekend plans

I have no plans for this weekend so far and it feels great because there are a lot of plans for the rest of the autum. Even if there not are niches planned for each weekend but there are plans for pretty much all weekend until next year.

So tonight I think will be a nice evening at home with G and just having a good dinner and relax and hang out.

What’s your plans for the weekend?


Friday Sun

Friday and have high hopes for this evening. My girlfriend G is away with here work so I got some alone time. First of all I hope to get time to work out, after that I’ve got a meeting about Bands of Sweden which I’m involved in. Then I hope to get some time work on some other project, do some small stuff here at home and maybe watch a movie. I know the plan is ambitious so we will see how much I get time to do. Keep you posted about it.

By the way Oslo have today offered its best weather in almost a week which makes me feel in a very good mood. It’s a great Friday!

Friday plans?

The weekend plans are all set already but Thursday evening and Friday are not set yet. Because of the family emergency I had last week that now are pretty much over I consider to get back to Sweden. Family is one of the most important things in my life. But I guess that’s not a secret that I’m that way.

So in still thinking about what I will do?


Friday at home

After a few weeks where me and G are out traveling or just have left Oslo its nice to have another weekend just in Oslo. Tonight G is out with her work so I’m at home and have seen Captain America: Winter Soldier. A movie that suited perfectly for relaxing in front of the TV on a Friday evening.

Have also me filtering my home made Limoncello and tasted it, But not sure what I think about it so far. But we might have to wait and see for a few more days. Also been makings some blueprints in AutoCAD with the goal of creating a small vaction home. Have an idea and now I just want to draw it and see what it ends up in. Except that have I also played some guitar for the first time in a long long time.

Have a nice evening and good night!


Change of plans

Had plans to meet M and K this weekend but there was some change of plans so now I’m on my way to Sweden for the weekend. Even if it’s not as planned it’s feels okey. This weekend is Father’s Day in Sweden and me and G will try to gratulate our fathers. Wee will also meet our friends E and N which I’m really looking forward to. Haven’t meet them in a long time to see them again.

Will probably be a visit to Gothenburg on Saturday as well. See you tomorrow Gothenburg city.


Friday thoughts

This week has passed by fast, again. Have gotten things done this week and both increased the amount of workout sessions this week and got some time for some photograph. Made a time lapse two days ago of the beautiful sunset over Holmenkollen here in Oslo.

Don’t know but have thought a lot in Sweden and the fact that I’ve never been outside of Sweden this long before. A bit strange feeling that this is my home and my apartment here I see as home but Sweden still feels like come on the level when it come to countries. Can’t really describe it as you might realize while reading this.

However, what’s my plans for the weekend? I don’t really have that much plans I hope I get out in the nature but will a usually also be some things that’s have to be done at home. Then I’m going for nice dinner at home. Otherwise no plans yet, we will see who it turns out.

Also have almost two months of being active here after the relaunch of the blog now. Still it’s growing steady which makes me very happy and inspires me to continue. And if keeps me thinking of how I could improve it.

Fast week is over

Friday again and the weekend ahead of us which feels great. This week has been fast and already weekend again. This weekend I will stay in Oslo without any plans for the first time in 3 or 4 weeks I think. That will be nice to not have any specific plans but if the weather is ok, it will say that it doesn’t rain I would get out on a little hike.

G is at afterwork with her job so I get some time for my self which I really appreciate to get from time to time. So I have written a little bit on my own book project for an hour or two today. Not really there yet but have som inspiration that I’ve got from the news about the submarine hunt in Sweden. The submarine hunt I wrote about yesterday in now officially over by the way.

Then I’ve played some guitar. Was a long time since last time but always as fun.
Might share something from that in the future but not yet.