Oslo Weekend

So half way though this week as well and it just passes me by som fast right now. But i can’t forget last weekend in Oslo. I had a extra day of because it was a public holiday in Sweden. So I took of to Oslo. Anyway during friday I started with stocks and we got guest and then we hit Oslo where we saw a concert with my favorit partyband Awesomesauce that have a playlist filled with guilty pleasure music from the 90s’ and until today. Music that I’ve listend to when I grew up and still listens to. Then me and my girlfriend G knows half the band but still they are real great. I’m sure they will show up later in the blog again during this year. After that there was a DJ with similar music and we dance until the morning came. Can’t remember when I danced all night last time. But it was so fun.

Saturday G and our guest just hung out in Oslo and where home and played games and sunday me and the guest drove back to Gothenburg, Sweden again. Awesome weekend.

And little video from the concert!




Weekend plans

Last night I got back to Sweden for a weekend with friends and family. So last night we had schrimp night with G’s family. Me and my to be father in law discussed cameras, a rather interesting discussion. 

Today we will have lunch with my dad in Gothenburg before we meet up some friends at a spa here in Gothenburg where we will have spa and dinner and will stay until tomorrow when we head back to Oslo. 


Fake Christmas #2

Yesterday I celebrated fake Christmas with my family couple of miles south of Gothenburg. Today is a new day and the plans for today is to celebrate fake Christmas together with my girlfriend Gs family a couple of miles north of Gothenburg.

So I think that today will it probably be more traditional Christmas food. Some relative to G will also join us which will be nice.

Tonight I’ve got some plans with two old life guarding buddies J and S so we will go out and have dinner together at a restaurant in Gothenburg. I’m really looking forward to that.


Talking with friends

Last week I’ve been talking quite a lot to my friends that live in Sweden. Think I talked to almost one of them every day this week and that’s really makes me happy. Then I’ve also talked rather much with my family as well and trying to plan thing for the foreseeable future. Been a good week in that aspect.

Hope that continues. Have a great weekend!

Talking on the phone

Yesterday and talked to both my best friends the first one is my lifeguarding buddy S. We call each other when we’re on our way home from work from time to time when we get the opportunity and discuss everything so that was a great call just what I needed. Unfortunately my battery ran out of energy because of the cold weather but it was nice anyway and I will give him a call soon again.

Then I skyped with Alexander and we worked with our project Banda of Sweden mainly but also a great call. So what a day!


On the phone 

Since I live and work in Norway my family and my friends back home are located at a distance. But in order to keeping touch with them I try to text, e mail and call regularly. It’s become a part a routine. And I know my girlfriend G has similar habit at least with her family.

So today on my way home I in the lovely autumn weather I made some calls. No one answered but because of the weather as that I was in a good mood I walked home and just enjoyed the evening. 

After that I texted with mom, dad called so I have talked with him in the phone and my close fried a S called so we talked and discussed to try to see each other hopefully by the end of October. Which I really hope we can make something out of.

Time to go to bed for me now. How was your day?


Grandma and friends

Still a bit in vacation mode and a bit lack of consistent internet but try to blog as much as possible anyway.

Yesterday I meet up with a classmate from the University named A so I picked him up and we drove in the the city and ate at the Dublinera in Gothenburg and just did some catching up. Where a great evening.

Then today have I visited my grandma and just was there and helped her with some minor things. Where nice to see her and its always fun to hangout with grandma.

After that I drove to and picked up G and visit out friends E and N and thei two kids. Was nice to see them and play a bit with the kids.

Here is a picture from today’s visit to my hometown Kungsbacka.


Having guests

This weekend we’re having guests here in Oslo. It’s a friend of G named S and her boyfriend A. They arrived last night. Where the first time I meet A so where great to meeting after all I’ve heard about him. So last night where all about hanging out in our apparent as I made some Indonesian food and we had some wine and beer. I would say that it was a real good way to start off the weekend. 

So today we will show them around here in Oslo don’t know where we are heading but I guess we figure that out along the way.


Why I been out of range 

I’ve been away for a few day because of family reasons and that’s the reason to why I’ve not been updating so frequently. However, it’s now going in the right direction and hopefully all will be good soon. But this also means that last week has been a though couple of days and taken a lot of energy. So I’m pretty shaken up still about the whole thing. But it’s also make you realize what’s important here in life. And family and friends comes first no doubt about it.

Hope to get up and running a bit more as usually on the blog with in the next few days. See you!


Swedish Weekend plans

Friday and I’m heading to Sweden over the weekend alone in order to meet some friends and family. This is a rather spontaneous trip because I booked the tickets just a few days ago. So now I’m at the bus heading Gothenburg. The weekend I already pretty much all booked but some spontaneous moment will I most certainly get time for. Tomorrow Saturday is the plan to visit my close friend S in Borås the city know a bit unfair called the most boring city in Sweden and the myth is that it always is raining. We will see about that but the most important thing is to hang out with S and catch up. The evening is not decided yet but something will most certainly come up. Hope to get some time with my family as well. Which you by know probably know is a very important thing for me.

Sunday I plan to have breakfast with M and maybe K in Gothenburg before I leave for Oslo quite early in order to get some time in a Oslo to land before the new week starts. Shorh week next week because of the 1th of May which is a red day but I will get back to that later.