Oslo Cross Country Skiing

Oslo is an truly amazing winter city and cross country skiing is huge here! Yesterday where cross country skiing day for me and the wife and if you like cross country skiing this is not a bad place during winter time. Read somewhere that Oslo have about 3200km of tracks for cross country skiing. I might not be that surprising that they are one of the number one countries in the world in this sport.

Yesterday me and G went cross country skiing. We stayed in the district of Majorstuen and took the subway to Frognerseter with our skis. The we skies from there to a place called Tryvann which also have a downhill skiing facility and continued right by it down to the cottage in Ullevålseter. In Ullevålseter we took a break and had a Norwegian waffle and hot coco that we bought in the cafe that’s run by the sports club Lyn which is a pretty successful cross country skiing club. It all can be seen while eating there. The beams and walls are full of big trophies and prizes.

After that we continues down to Sognsvann where we took the subway back. So a almost 12 km trip in perfect conditions if you live cross country skiing this is a great route even if it’s a bit crowded from time to time.

Highly recommended. Even if I know this might not be the number one activity on your list of what to do in Oslo but it’s a great place for it. Just saying.

Sunday Hiking 2

Few weeks ago me and my girlfriend G was out hiking and we really liked it. So when we woke up this morning the skies where clear blue and the sun was shining. Then it became a bit cloudy but we got out anyway.

To be honest with you the first plan was to hike about 5 km quite easy but then we decided we wanted to visit a new place we haven’t been to so far and we chose track by gut feeling.

Short story is that we ended up getting a beautiful over 10 km hike and got distracted by both picking mushrooms that we can use in cocking for autumn and the winter and a classic waffle stop on the way out in the stunning Norwegian nature.

Yeah, the day became a bit different from what we planed but he got a grey day together and in order to relax and stress off this was just what I needed.

Here some pictures from today!