Hanging out with S

Finally I got to hang out with my buddy S. Which originally is a lifeguard buddy. But nowadays we mainly hang out have dinner and discuss life such a as relationships and work and it’s nit unusual that we drift into philosophical questions. However, it’s been a while since last time so we tried to catch up and I really needed that, got a lot of energy and had a lot of fun. We started to challenge each other by playing with my little remote controlled helicopter by trying to land it on different surfaces around the apartment. It’s something special when adult get stuck in challenging sachet with toys. I’m pretty sure none of us will ever totally grow up but isn’t that the charm of it all?

Movie Review: Grown ups

A movie about a group of friends that moved around and not live in the same place any longer get together when their old coach dies and rents a cabin with their families. In fact the story is pretty good nothing spectacular but good. But this is one of the better stories for a comedy of this kind that I’ve seen in a while.

Scenery is American and works great and I like it. The cast of actors is good and have pretty big names. The main character is played by Adam Sandler and there is also actors/actresses such as Chris Rock and Selma Hayek that makes solid performances.

I would recommend this movie. I would give it 4 out of 5 points without any doubt. Have you seen this movie?

Here is the trailer if you want ti check it out.