Gym and strawberries 

Still working on getting into better routines and this week it has been a bit tricky to get it into the schedule but today I did it. 29 degrees Celsius outside and I went into the gym and worked out. To be honest pretty proud about that and now I’m sitting at the balcony and eating strawberries. 

At the gym

The hike yesterday in combination with a little bit of bad conscious and with the help from my Fitbit flex that I’ve started to use again I ran to the gym today.

The running is not really where I would like to have it but the gym felt much better than I’ve expected so a good feeling inside now after the workout. I’ve also tried a new gym. 

Now it’s just to keep up the good work! But I need inspiration so if you have any good blogs please leave a comment below.


Thursday discoveries

Been a nice evening, talked to both my grandmother, dad, my little sister and to my friend M. After that I stopped by at the gym. Not a very long stop but still an okey workout season.

After that I made dinner kind of pasta bolognese. And when I prepared dinner I kind of rediscovered the band Chicago that I’ve been listening to earlier, but it was a while since last. Like their music.

When I went home today I also discovered that the first Christmas decorations now are up here in the neighborhood.


Workout and soup

Monday and a new week ahead of us. But started the week on a goo note with getting to the gym after work for a workout. Even if it not was the best workout season I had was it okey. Tired afterwards at least.

After that I was a bit lazy and took the tram home and took a shower before I got away to the store. Was a bit tired which also means confused in the grocery store so bought most of the thing I had on my list and forgot some but compensated by buying things I didn’t need also so will use that later this week.

Some days are just that way and it’s not much to do about it than just live with it and smile.

For dinner I did goulash soup and pretty pleased with the result. But now it’s time to sleep.

See you tomorrow!

Gym and thank you card

Already day two of the week and today it was time to workout again so I hit the gym. Not the best time at the gym but totally okey.

Then I also got a thank you card from M and K where they said thank you for the participation in their wedding and for the wedding gift. That was a nice card to revive and to read. Was also beautiful pictures of them from the wedding that I’ve not have seen before.

Yes, now it’s time for dinner and get some things done here at home. See you soon!

Intense day

Been a intense day. After work I just did a quick stop at home before before I headed of to the gym. On my way I also called M and talked to her for the first time since her wedding. Was nice to talk to her and it was fun to catch up.

After the gym it was home to make some dinner. Today we made some Indian food. Real good. Really like Indian food.

And now me and G are continuing on the rewatch of Friends.

Tillbaka på gymmet

Nyss hemma från gymmet efter första besöket sedan jag var sjuk. Kände tydligt att det inte var någon väldig kraft i kroppen, inte där men nu när jag kom hem. Mör trotts att jag tycker att jag tog det lugnt. Nu blir det duschen och sedan ladda batterierna inför morgondagen.