Island of Ven

Good food, drinks and stunning landscapes. Ven is an island in the middle of the narrow between Sweden and Denmark.

Me and my G have just arrived to the mainland after 3 days on the island. Still I’m trying to find a reason to go back.

Our accommodation for our stay at Ven has been on the camping Camp Ven in our tent. This place as been really good. Clean toilets and showers. What I should call the right amount of guests. A bar and resultant with both good food and drinks much better than I’ve expected out of a camping. Good service, I can really recommend this place.

First day we spent settling down at the camping and having a nice evening with dinner and wine.

Our second day we rented bikes in order to ride around the entire island which takes about 90 minutes. A beautiful ride. However we to a break in one of the harbors to have a smoked salmon lunch with potato salad and a beer. After that we continued to a beach and took a swim and then returning to the camping.

After short stop at the camping we took the bikes to Spirits of Hven Backafallsbyn for a gourmet tasting. Where we tasted Vodka, Akvavit, Gin and Whiskey and learned what drinks you could do from some of them and proportions. The also talked about the history and the making of the different spirits and of the distillery.

After the tasting me and G had a great dinner at their restaurant. Where we both where very pleased with the food and the setting. Lovely outdoor section of the restaurant.

Then we headed back to to camping and took the ferry back to the mainland. The easiest way to get both to and from the island is by ferry from Landskrona.

Ven where a super nice short stop at our vacation and I can highly recommend it. The fact is that I would more than love to go back.

Talking with friends

Last week I’ve been talking quite a lot to my friends that live in Sweden. Think I talked to almost one of them every day this week and that’s really makes me happy. Then I’ve also talked rather much with my family as well and trying to plan thing for the foreseeable future. Been a good week in that aspect.

Hope that continues. Have a great weekend!

Summer is slowly coming

Usually the spring shows it self from its best side this time of the year but not this year. May in have been among the best weather month during the last couple of years but this year not so much. But yesterday when I walked home from work as I quite often do especially if the weather is good and sunny which it was. I smelled the newly cut grass and the summer and spring flowers and it was wonderful. I made me happy and I just walked and enjoyed in a way I haven’t done in a long time. It’s all about making the most of it and to enjoy the little things in life in between and in your everyday life.


5 thing that makes my happy

Read a list a few days ago and today I got to think about things that makes me happy so here are the list without any ranking.

1. Friends

One of the best things I know is to spend time with my friends or even just a phone call. Something are just more fun and easier to talk about with friends. Someone that always can support you in need and make you smile. I don’t think I need to argue more for this or am I wrong?

2. Family

Might be as obvious as the one above but family is always family and take care of the one you have. Somethings just your family can understand how you feel or what you experience.

3. Good weather

To be outside when it’s good wether both a nice clear blue winter day with snow or a warm sunny summer dag that makes me happy.

4. Being by the water

To just spend time by a lake or the sea sends me a peacefulness and happiness. And doesn’t really matter where I am in the world in some kind of strange way it always makes me happy.

5. Travel

To Tavel to a new exciting place and experience new things that can really make me happy.



Just a note.

Just to be clear my girlfriend goes under both the family and friends category.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone and hope you had a good week and will get a nice weekend.

Today I’ve been out with my co-workers for a beer and spent some time with my incredible G.

I’ve got a lot if plans for the next week and are really looking forward to it so that is nice. Both Sweden and Italy in these plans. But I will keep you posted.


Singing and playing guitar

I wrote a couple a weeks ago that I got an iRig for Christmas from G which is a thing that makes it possible to connect an electric guitar to an iPad och iPhone and record and play with effect pedal.

The thing is that I’ve only had acoustic guitars here in Oslo but now G’s electric Ibanez guitar has found it’s way home to us here in Oslo. So just spend an hour playing guitar and singing and recording it on my iPad here at home. Had so much fun, this is so great.

Right now I’m so happy after all music. Hope that it will be more out of that late on.

My happy place

Here is where I spent my last day of this summer vacation. It’s not that it was the last day of the vacation but that it just was a perfect day in the environment that I love the most. On the rocks by the salt sea with some food, a book and the once I love the most in warm and sunny weather.

And it has to be on the Swedish west coast. I’m sorry I’m a west coast guy I am born end raised here and that gives you demand like this.

This is heaven on earth for me and for you that like to visit I can recommend that getting out from Gothenburg to the sea it will be worth it.