World Cup 2016 Team Sweden, part 1

At Wednesday March 2 2016 the first 16 players where presented in New York, USA. I’m so looking forward to the World Cup tournament as a big hockey fan and specially these kind of tournaments.

Here are the 16 first players of Team Sweden or “Tre Kronor” as we say in Sweden. If you click in the players you get more information about them.

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers
Jacob Markström, Vancouver Canucks

My comments of the selected goalies are not that much. Henrik Lundqvist will be the most important player of Team Sweden and will most likely play all the games if not he gets hurt which I don’t hope. However, Jacob Markström is a good goalie and have proven himself earlier when he played for Team Sweden but he is a bit of a surprise in this team. I had probably expected Eddie Läck if I’m totally honest. I think there will be a third goalie in this team that will be announced later and I think Eddie Läck, Anders Nilsson or Jonas Enroth is oin a good position to take that spot.

Oliver Ekman Larsson, Arizona Coyotes
Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning
Niklas Hjalmarsson, Chicago Blackhawks
Erik Karlsson, Ottawa Senators
Niklas Kronwall, Detroit Red Wings
Anton Strålman, Tampa Bay Lightning

My comments on the selected defenders are not that many. Sweden have produced wo many world class defenders the last couple of years and also many different kinds of them. I am a bit surprised that not John Klingberg is on the team but I also can see why at this point in his carrier. I think he is the Swedish defender that’s not selected yet that has the best possibilities to be a part of this team later on. To read the defenders that will play for Team Sweden is just amazing. Not many teams can compete with so many good defencemen (maybe Canada).

Nicklas Bäckström, Washington Capitals
Loui Eriksson, Boston Bruins
Filip Forsberg, Nashville Predators
Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Avalanche
Daniel Sedin, Vancouver Canucks
Henrik Sedin, Vancouver Canucks
Alexander Steen, St. Louis Blues
Henrik Zetterberg, Detroit Red Wings

My comments on the selected Swedish forwards is probably as expected that we can see that many of them are a bit older and have proven themselves. But we can also see that there many names that are among the best in the NHL. In this setting I think they can create magic. The player I’m most excited to see plays is without no doubt Filip Forsberg. Then I am a big fan of Loui Eriksson who really have been loyal to Team Sweden for many years and might be one of the most underestimated Swedish forwards in my opinion.

Looking forward to see who else will become a part of this team.


SHL: Frölunda

The team from the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a harbor town on the Swedish west coast. In fact a recent poll has shown that Frölunda is the most popular hockey club team in Sweden.

Frölunda that looks stronger than they done in many years. Last couple of years the club has improved but had difficulties in the playoffs. But this year I think they got the chance to win the championship and go all the way. And right now they leading the leauge.

The team have also a history of producing good NHL players. The former captain of the Ottawa Senators Daniel Alfredsson comes from Frölunda. But as that’s not enough where successor as captain of the Ottawa Senators Erik Karlsson is also from this team. And the up and coming defenseman John Klingberg from the Dallas Stars who challenger Karlsson for the Norris Trophy this years is also a form this team. And of course “The King of New York” Henrik Lundqvist in the New York Rangers comes from Frölunda and his twin brother is in fact the captain of the team.


Swedish Hockey Leauge

I love hockey and it’s a game I like to follow. And today have been an interesting Swedish hockey day.

Next week the Swedish Hockey League or SHL as it’s also is called will start. Today the teams and league meet the media and I have watched the season. So today have I’ve seen the broadcast from this event. Will be an interesting season and I’m excited.

My favorite team is Frölunda which is the hockey club that had players such as Henrik Lundqvist, Daniel Alfredsson, Erik Karlsson, Loui Eriksson as you see there is a club that brought forward great players. Some of the best Swedish players ever and of course from Gothenburg.

Sommarvärdarna är presenterade

I dag presenterade sommar i P1 sina sommmarvärdar inför sommaren och som ni förstått vid det här laget är jus teknik och hockey två omården som intresserar mig. Sett ur detta perspektivet så finns det några riktigt spännande sommarvärdar som jag hoppas på och det är Henrik Lundqvist, målvakt för mitt favoritlag New York Rangers i NHL och Niklas Zennström som är grundare av Skype, IT-entrepenör och riskkapitalist. 

Tyvärr tycker jag att det är mer “kultur” folk än det kanske vart tidigare och lite mindre entrepenörer, sportpersonligheter och teknikpersoner. Men finns alltid någon som överraskar och sedan brukar det även finnas någon som jag inte änns orkar lyssna klart på. Men jag gillar Sommar i P1 och ser fram emot sommarens prorgram.

Bokade datum är redan nu:

10 Juli, Henrik Lunqvist
23 Juli, Niklas Zennström

Hela listan över sommarvärdaren finns på