Hometown Memory Lane

Last night I biked through the city where I grew up and it was a surprisingly good warm feeling inside of me. A few years ago I probably felt a bit uncomfortable but now it where something else.

I biked back from a housewarming party that a coworkers girlfriend had with BBQ, beer, great people and a magical Swedish summer weather. Wether is by the way very important for us Swedes, probably only more important for the Norwegians, but that’s a totalt other blog post.

However, had a real great time last night and meet people from my hometown that I forgot about but that is real nice and somehow made me realize why I wanted to stay they forever when I was a kid. It’s a nice city and I somehow opened the door to some day maybe move back I think.

It’s a city that brought me a lot of great memories and friends. And after a couple of beers taking the bike back to moms apartment that I’ve borrowed for the night where a bit like being fifteen and on top of the world after a summer night out.

In short summary a real trip down memory lane in a modern and present day mode.

Restaurant Review: BAO Kitchen

BAO Kitchen is located in the “old town” of down town Kungsbacka, Sweden. Rather close to the central station and Kungsbacka square. From what I know this is a rather new place that serves Asian fusion food.

The interior is probably best described as green and rustic with focus on nature and natural material such as wood. Not the most cosy vibe when I first looked in from the street but once you got in and got you table it was much better than expected and a nice relaxed vibe.

How about the food? I tried a bun meal and a salmon bowl. The buns where probably the best buns I’ve tried and the bowl where real good but not the best I’ve tried. Still very high class and this is without a doubt the best restaurant I’ve ever tried in Kungsbacka. The food where good, exciting and something new for me and as the same time high quality. Best restaurant in town! I highly recommend this place.


Family weekend

This weekend I will stay in Göteborg or I already know now that there will be some trips to Kungsbacka. It will be dinner at moms on Saturday and lunch at dads on Sunday. It’s Christmas things and for dad it’s also a birthday party in order to celebrate that it’s his birthday today in fact.

Tomorrow my wife will arrive in Göteborg as well so I’m looking forward, haven’t seen her this week yet.

It’s been nice day and I visited my grandma and did some preparations for the weekend. What’s you plans?

Grandma and friends

Still a bit in vacation mode and a bit lack of consistent internet but try to blog as much as possible anyway.

Yesterday I meet up with a classmate from the University named A so I picked him up and we drove in the the city and ate at the Dublinera in Gothenburg and just did some catching up. Where a great evening.

Then today have I visited my grandma and just was there and helped her with some minor things. Where nice to see her and its always fun to hangout with grandma.

After that I drove to and picked up G and visit out friends E and N and thei two kids. Was nice to see them and play a bit with the kids.

Here is a picture from today’s visit to my hometown Kungsbacka.


Evening Swim

As you might know already, I love water and to work out in water in differ wt ways. So after a long Christmas I went to the local swimming hall and worked out. Worked on improving my technique and got a lot of tips from my father in law that where there as well. But most of all it was nice to get some exercise after all Christmas food and car driving.

Also been quick to Kungsbacka and meet quickly with my sister M and her friend M. Nice to see them. Time to call it a day now but tomorrow is the last day of 2014.


World tour of Kungsbacka

Saturday and I’m in Sweden for the weekend after a late change of plans in the end of this week. But it suits very well this time because it’s fathers’ day tomorrow here in Sweden. So today me and G took the tour down to Kungsbacka that’s the city where I’m born and raised. Borrowed G’s fathers XC60 and drove down earlier today and first we visited my dad and celebrated him and had some coffee and some sandwiches. I also got a look at his newly bought car, looked nice.

After that week took a quick visit to my grandparents that live near by that I’m very close with and are really important to me. We surprised them, they didn’t even know we where in Sweden so they where very happy to see us.

Then we stoped by my mom to see the new things that she had done in here apartment. Looked very nice and was very impressed over how nice she got it.

After that the tour in Kungsbacka where done and we took a trip in to Gothenburg city for some shopping.