Lifeguard Thursday!

It’s back! Lifeguard Thursday! Back in Gothenburg and trying to get into good routines and good habits. Before I moved to Oslo I trained lifeguarding once a week and where even competing in it. After moving back to Gothenburg it’s been a bit difficult to settle in and get things to work with a new job and a lot of traveling to Oslo and finding an apartment among other things but now I’m hoping all of that is set and I’m good to get to start with the lifeguarding again.

It’s now everyone that knows that lifeguarding is a sport that you could compete in and in Scandinavia we got a lifeguarding competition called Nordic relay that’s adapted to indoors which I’m real great full for with our climate. However there is also international versions and competitions. Did you for example know that USA tried to get the international type of the sport to become and Olympic sport.

This photo is from the Swedish championships 2017.

The International Life Jacket Day 

As a member of the board in the Swedish Lifeguaring Association Gothenburg I just wanted to remind you about the international life jacket day. Especially all men out there because men don’t used life jackets a much as women and children. In fact statistics from the Swedish Lifeguards association show that there are more dogs then men that use life jackets. Do you care more about you dog? 

So please reminde your friends about it today in social media and all possible ways it might save their life.