The CPR Challange

Today I thought I would have a meeting at the Swedish Lifesaving Association Gothenburg but I had written the wrong day in my calendar but I when I showed up some lifeguarding buddies where there doing the CPR-Challange so they challenged me, which they came to regret.

The CPR-challange is that you once a month are doing the CRP for 2 minutes in on a connected training device that measures the quality of you CPR. The goal is to reach 100 % if not already from the start so by the end of May. But its also about being better that the other once participating. When I did it 12 people had participated this month and my result for January was 86,15% which from now on is highscore and the result to beat.

So a lot of training from now on until next month, the goal is to beat my result from this month. So why do I do this. Simple if/when I will come into a situation where I need to perform CPR on a friend, relative, family member, co-worker (its most probability its some you know) or someone else I want to give the as high quality CPR as possible.

Have you done a CRP course?


Visited my grandparents

I’m in Sweden right now and today evening I took the opportunity to visit my grandfather and grandmother. They live in the Gothenburg area as both mine and my girlfriend family do. Was nice to see them, especially now when I dint see them as often after I moved to Norway.

Also meet dad and my sister which always is very nice. Trying to get them to visit me in Norway soon.

On my way home I also stopped by the lifeguards as I use to train with before I moved and meet them and talked a little bit before I continued back to where I’m staying during my visit. Also meet some of the kids I trained in lifeguarding, they had now grown since I was their trainer and now they had become junior lifeguards. Proud over them.