Tv, meeting and Indian

So today have I had board meeting, worked, seen a TEDx talk and seen the season final of True Detective season two. A lot of screens but a got a short walk in the Oslo rain at least where I could call my grandma and my dad and gather my thought a little bit. No work out today either but at least I’ve only been eating healthy and today there where Indian wrapped on the menu in my home and G had dinner for me which I really appreciate. Often its me tat make dinner here at home. Now it’s time to read a bit and then sleep. What have you done today? Interested to hear what you’re doing.


Music, meeting and summer

Another varm and sunny has in Oslo today and I think summer has arrived for real now. As I’ve waited for this moment. Last night I sat out late on the balcony again and just enjoyed the summer air. Its strange how you all year wait for these magical summer months. 

I just had a board meeting which I’m as always where good and interesting, as always a lot to discuss. And after the meeting I had some BBQ on the balcony and listed to Mark Knopfler that was playing live in the nearby park. And all of this to a beautiful sunset. 

Life is good!


Intense Wednesday 

Sleept bad tonight so been a bit tired today. But managed go get through the day successfully anyway which makes me happy. I managed to make dinner and eat it together with G at the balcony.

After that it was time for board meeting which as always where a good meeting. 

When the board meeting was over I ran to the store to buy some food so we have something to eat at home this weekend. And now I eating something little before I will go to bed.

See you tomorrow.


Monday walk

Been a rather cloudy day here in Oslo but G and I took a very nice walk in the Frogner park after work today and that filled me with new energy and really got to relax a bit before I started to make some must do stuff here at home.

The week a head of me is rather intense with a board meeting and preparations, I have musts back in Sweden and the my mom have birthday and then G’s mom have birthday so will be celebrations and dinners in associations to these events.

Then I will try to squeeze in some friends also while I’m at home. So a lot of things but hopefully a lot of fun as well.

Planning Wendesday

This is a great week, I’m full of energy and have plans that really makes me happy and excited.

Just attended a board meeting with the board I’m a member of which always I but an honor but also great fun to be able to be involved in that way. Now it’s time for preparing dinner. Thinking Italian today.

Tomorrow is there a new Apple Event scheduled and I hope I get the time to watch some of it but I think I will get time to see at least a bit of it.

I have already know plans for Friday and pretty much the rest of the week as well. Can’t tell you yet but I promise to keep you posted on the topic.