Slow Sunday

Yesterday my body where a bit out of balance. Felt signs of a cold  so I spend most of the day by taking it easy and try to relax and get back in shape again. So watch another episode if million dollar listing New York. Kind of like that tv show even if it might border to a guilty pleaser tv serie. The. I’ve read a New York time article about seal team 6 which I realize is a subject that always interest me. Then in must admit I love seeing myself as a person that reads the New York Times. Can’t really explain it but makes me feel more international I realize. These kind if feelings a strange but I think we all got those kind of this that we like thy we do.

To get back in track about my day I’ve also bbqed in my balcony and read though some thing for the upcoming week. 


Holmenkollen, Sun and Guests

Me and G had guests here in Oslo this weekend and it’s been great. Had such a good time and it will result in a couple of post here on the blogg. First of all we had a great day yesterday that started out with a visit to Holmenkollen where we got the opportunity to see summer training for ski jumpers. Thy was real cool.

Then we had lunch and just had a good time hanging out in Frognerparken which is Oslo’s Central Park kind of I would say.

Then we had a nice dinner at home and followed the Eurovision Song Contest before we heade out to some bars in Oslo and it will result in the first bar review here at the blogg soon.

Today we sleept in and then me and G followed our guests to the bus and after that we tried a new restaurant for lunch.

And this evening we have watched the latest episodes of game of thrones and million dollar listing New York.

Great weekend!