Cross Country Skiing Day

Yesterday was cross country skiing day for me and my wife G here in Långberget. A fantastic day and +2 degrees Celsius which gave us some challenges with the grip. So the first longer skiing session this year. Felt really good and today’s distance became about 18 kilometers. We tried three different tracks today all with quite low elevation but I thought it felt really good and is used to much more elevation from when I cross country skies in Norway. However this was real nice!

The plan today is to go alpine skiing in Branäs the one of few ski resorts this far south in Sweden that I haven’t tried so far.

Winter Hiking Alone

The original plan where to go cross country skiing today here in Oslo but that plan almost literally melted away. Spring apparently arrived in Oslo today an the outdoor temperature has been between +6-13 degrees Celsius in a sunny Oslo. That where not my original plan.

However, I had a plan B that I’ve been looking into the since a few days back when I started to scout the weather and possible activities in Oslo. During these days I found a stunning post in the Instagram account @Oslo by @ingridheggheim from Grefsenkollen. So that where the main goal with today’s hike where to hike up the mountain of Grefsenkollen.

I hiked up the mountain in a route that sent up and around the mountain. After Grefsenkollen I had my sight set on Lachmannsfjell. That became a bit different hike because of snowy trailers and deeps snow and when I arrived to the peak it wasn’t any view but it was a good experience in finding routes, getting off track and hiking in 80 centimeter of snow, but when finding my way out of the woods and down the mountain alone. It was the first time I hiked alone and it where a bit different but I kind of got into it. Can absolutely happen again. I had nice views of Oslo and perfect sunny spring weather during the end of the hike down the mountain at it was an amazing day.

Tonight I’m heading back to Sweden and Långberget ski resort. For cross country skiing. Will be my first time there and I’m excited about trying out new tracks.

World most beautiful skiing

I am speechless. This Easter weekend is among the best skiing experiences ever. Not necessary because the ski resort is the best ever but because the total experience involving weather, views and skiing where all with prefect conditions.

I spent Easter skiing in Beitostølen, Norway. Both cross country skiing and alpine skiing. Love both of them and grew up skiing both at least once a year but the last couple of years I’ve mainly been cross country skiing. Just because I own a pair of cross country skiis and I had 15 minutes from the door to my apartment to the tracks in the woods during the 3 years I lived in Oslo.

However, this Easter weekend I spent the first two days cross country skiing. The first day a short 5 km track in the world cup track in the Beitostølen cross country ski stadium and it surroundings which where nice, with good views, good tracks and nice afternoon/evening sun.

The second day I took a longer route and more of a cross country skiing hike on 23 km up the mountain and on top of the mountains and around a ice and snow covered lake with views of Jotunheimen which is a majestic mountain landscape that sometimes is called the roof of Norway because its many peak that’s higher than 2000 meters. Clear blue skies, sunny and warm weather, amazing views and perfect tracks and all just wild and raw nature. To be honest I don’t think cross country skiing can be any better that this.

Yesterday I where a bit tired from the 23 km cross country skiing the day before and decided to go alpine skiing because the ski resort of Beitostølen also offers this. Hired equipment and took among the first lifts up the mountain and then pretty much skied for the entire day and tried all slopes in the entire resort. I had a blast. Not the best slopes that I’ve tried but they where all prepped great and the views and the weather where absolutely amazing. I would do this any time if you asked me to go here again.

So now I’m back in Gothenburg again, arrived a few hours ago and couldn’t resist of sharing there photos with you guys. What’s you’re best skiing experiences? Please share and leave a comment below.

Norwegian Easter Skiing!

Bags are packed, skis and cameras are ready. I’ve take the day off work tomorrow and after work today me, my wife G and sister K head up to Oslo in order to get some more bags, equipment and a good nights sleep before we head up to Beitostølen ski resort. I’m super excited for both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. A few years back me and G where in Beitostølen with some friends and really liked it and I know all my grandparents have been here several time also. It’s a pretty small ski resort and there is some alpine skiing here but the big thing is the cross-country skiing where they have 320 km of tracks (some used for parts of the world cup tour) and some on top of the mountain which is absolutely beautiful. So Norway we we come!



Adventure to Sweden’s highest mountain?

I’ve been home from Mexico for about 2 weeks and already a new trip starts to take place in my mind.

This time it’s a dream of many years I’m looking into fulfilling. Climb the highest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise. A summit hike.

Me and the wife (G) have been talking about it for some time. Me and dad have also been taking about it as something that would be fun to do together.

So today I’m spending some time on pre-planning in order to have the basic facts and info in place for a decision.

Right now I’m looking at the summer 2019 because there is some plans for this summer already that’s up in the air. That I most certainly will share with you when I know more about them.

However, after an initial check it all seam pretty possible. Some extra training for the purpose will be necessary but I’m very positive to it. It would be and experience of a life time and I’m already watching clips at YouTube.

It would be an attempt on a 2000+ meters summit. I did one attempt on a 2000+ meters summit last year in Norway but had to abort, because a friend got ill and I had to help him down the mountain. I might get a new attempt on that summit this summer but it’s not completely decided yet. So I really hope for this adventure it would be amazing.

Monday Hike

Today is a holiday here in Norway so G hand scouter a route that we went hiking today. The where about 8 km and up on a mountain with great views over Oslo. Where good weather and the routes are so beautiful and the nature is stunning. We where very tired afterward but very satisfied with the fact that we have been out and excercised. This is one of the best things I know about Norway to be honest and just want to get out hiking again soon. It’s also a great way to hang out for me and G and we enjoy these kind if things very much both of us. In fact if you visit Oslo or Norway I would definatley recommend to get out in a hike.



Been out skiing all day with G here in Hafjell and even if it wasn’t the best weather it was good. But for tomorrow we are expexting some sun for a few hours at least.

First time I am in Hafjell to ski and the length of the slopea are great compared to what I am used to in Sweden but the slopes are much easier here than I am used to even if I’m not an advanced skier.

I general a good impresion hope for more skiing tomorrow before we head back to Oslo.

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Photos from the weekend in the mountain

Yesterday I hoped to get some things done at home but in stead I just had time to eat and to load the photos to my Mac from the weekend in the mountains. But today has been a more productive day here at home. I have done some must do things here at home and at the same time I have worked with some photos I’ve taken. I also finally exported the photos to files that I can upload to the blog.

So here come some photos from the weekend in the mountains and my hike on the mountain peak.

_DSC6208 _DSC6214 _DSC6217 _DSC6227 _DSC6236 _DSC6253 _DSC6297 _DSC6314 _DSC6319

Started fixing photos from the weekend

Monday and back to work and reality. Had an amazing weekend in the mountains and now I’m unloading the DSLR camera from pictures to my Mac. Hope some of the photos are good, but think that will wait and see until later this week. Will not rally have time to take a look at it today, just looked through it and I can see that movement is my biggest enemy while photographing. Some still looks okey but want to check them a bit more out before I share more of them but there is one at least.


This week I’m home alone and I got some plans at least for the weekend but you will get to know about that on Wednesday when I hope everything has fallen into place for the weekend.

Time to get ready for tomorrow.

Relaxing in the cabin

Had an amazing day. Woke up to an amazing view and after breakfast I got out on a hike on the top of the mountain with G. When I got back I had som lunch and then relaxed in the sauna for over an hour was real relaxing.

After that I’ve relaxed, read a book in the sofa and then had a nice dinner with G and watched some TV. Been a great day with a lot of fresh mountain air and can almost not remember when I was this relaxed and calm lately.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings. Good night.