Movie Review: Growns ups 2

A few days ago I watched Grown ups 2 after seen the first grown ups movie. I have to say that the story of this squeal is much less good than the first movie. In fact I think the story is a bit thin. Its all about one day and a party. To be honest I think that the second one, have a this story or pretty close to none story at all. The main story is about the group of friends who this day will have a big party. Dispite the lack of a story its funny and a pretty good movie.

The actors are funny and the scene are made in true Hollywood style and it works.

I would barely recommend it and I would rank it 3 out 5 points but as I wrote earlier, I would recommend it.

Here is the trailer if you think it sounds interesting or you’re just are curios about the movie.


Movie Review: Grown ups

A movie about a group of friends that moved around and not live in the same place any longer get together when their old coach dies and rents a cabin with their families. In fact the story is pretty good nothing spectacular but good. But this is one of the better stories for a comedy of this kind that I’ve seen in a while.

Scenery is American and works great and I like it. The cast of actors is good and have pretty big names. The main character is played by Adam Sandler and there is also actors/actresses such as Chris Rock and Selma Hayek that makes solid performances.

I would recommend this movie. I would give it 4 out of 5 points without any doubt. Have you seen this movie?

Here is the trailer if you want ti check it out.

Movie Review: The Wave

I might have been living in Norway for 2,5 year now and I slowly getting more familiar with Norwegian tv, music and movies. So tonight me and my girlfriend G rented the Norwegian blockbuster movie of 2015 at the Apple TV and watched The Wave which is a Norwegian disaster movie.

I usually like this kind of movies and I got to say that I’m impressed by this Norwegian production. The scenery of the Norwegian landscape is stunning and among the best I’ve seen. The story holds up okay and is no better or worse than any other story for a disaster movie. The acting is also good in my opinion and I like it. But how the use the time of the movie and details in the movie makes me a bit irritated.

However I would recommend it but I will only give it 3 out if 5 points.

Here is the link if you like to check it out. If you seen I would like to know what you think about type movie?

Movie Review: Vacation

I think I’ve seen  one or two of the earlier vaction movies but I remembering thinking of them as old when I was young abd that was about 20 years ago.

I saw the trailer and at first I thought that this wouldn’t be movie for me. Somehow I changed my mind I thought that it was worth watching so I did.

To start with I think they found a good cast of actors that where a good fit for this movie. I think scenes where good and looked good as well. It is a classic Hollywood production in my opinion but in a good way. Not a bunch of akward stuff as it can be in movies like this. I think the story is good and this movie in small ways also ties back to the old serie of vacation movies.

So I like this movie, in fact I like it a lot and I wouldn’t mind a secual to it. I don’t really think what others thought about the movie and I don’t care because in my opinion this where a good comedy. Funny, good length, watchable for the whole family. So yeah, I would recommend it adn I grad it 4 out of 5 points (Which I didn’t think I would before I saw it).

Movie Review: Spectre

Last night i finally got to see the new James Bond movie Spectre. Have been waiting to see it for a long time now and yesterday i Saw it at the Klingenberg cinema here in Oslo, Norway.

As always the movie open with an action packed scenes in Mexico City that started of the movie in a good an promising way as a classic Bond movie should. Then the theme song that I think is real good but not the best I’ve heard.

It have the classic elements as a Bond move should have with the gadgets, cars, women and so on but with a modern touch and a hint of realism compared to the older movies. This is something that I really like, Bond have become more complex and interesting. But all the classic characteristics are till there with the humor, actions and style.

One thing that I really like is that the women in the movie is strong, intelligent women that have more depth than earlier in my opinion and they are not as helpless as earlier which I think adds something. But then I always liked strong women.

If we go into the scenery of the movie its perfect with all the stunning landscapes and great photography that gives you everything and more than you ever asked for. The locations that they are visiting is also spectacular and I like them a lot.

The story is in general that Bond should save the world as always and without spoiling it I think that it’s a good story that connects back to the last three movies which adds something for those who have seen them but I don’t think it makes it lass good for the once who haven’t seen those movies.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 points and obviously I recommend it. Note however that I’m a big fan of the Bond movies.

By the way attached the trailer here below for yo here as well and M, Q and Moneypenny is also well played characters in this move.

Movie Review: Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation

I while ago I finally saw the new Mission Impossible 5 Rouge Nation. To start with, I’m a big fan of the mission impossible movies much because of the great action scenes that’s always are great coordinated and then here are a lot of gadgets and suiting scenery. For me as a Swede there are several scenes where they entirely speak Swedish. There are also Swedish actors in i major parts of the movie for the second movie in a row.

The story is good and I think this is the best action movie I seen in a while. In fact this is a great action movie for me and I would give it 4 out 5 points. Its close to 5 but something that I can’t even explain is missing and because of the its just a 4 but still close to a 5.

Movie Review: Smurfs 2

The Smurfs are back once again and this time we get the story about Smurfette. As usually Gargamel is back to threat the Smurfs very existens once again. The movie came in 2013 but I haven’t seen it until now.

It’s a family movie in a nice environment which is Paris, France this time and with rather okay scenery but most important nice and cute animations of the Smurfs combined with a sense of humor this makes up a good family move. I liked it as a movie even if there are better family movies. This is a nice movie for the entire family a Friday evening and I will recommend it. But there is something that not really takes this movie all the way and I can’t really explain it and because of that I give it 3 out of 5 points.

Here is the trailer if you are more curios about the movie.