The Kontiki Museum 

This weekend I had guest here in Oslo, Norway. So I showed them around to different sights here in Oslo. And one of these places where the Kontiki museum. The museum is about the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and his expeditions around the world where Kontiki is the most famous.

During the Kontiki expidition Thor and his crew build a wooden raft in balsa wood and sailed it for 100 days between South America and Polynesia in order to show that the people from Polynesia came from South American and not Asia.

The position took place in 1948 and during this expedition the crew at Kontiki documented the entire trip. It all ended up in a documentary that later won an Oscars Award for best documentary in 1950. A documentary that I really could recommend.

The expedition has also become adventure and history movie of a bit more fictional type but still based on the true events and story of reality. That movie where released in 2012 and is also a move that I would recommend.

Here is a link if you would like to visit the museum or get more information about it.
Here is a photo from the visit yesterday.


Museum of Viking ships

As I wrote shortly about this weekend I visited the museum of Viking ships here in Oslo.

I must say that I was surprised by the size of these ships and the craftsmanship. The ships where much larger than I’ve expected and they were skilled in building their ships, no doubt about that.

If you are interested in ships or history I can recommend this museum.

Kontiki weekend

It has become a bit of a Kontiki weekend for me. Before this weekend I didn’t know very much about Kontiki that is a raft that where built by a the Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdal. He and 5 other guys sailed the raft from Peru to Polynesia in their hand build raft in 101 day and proved that it was possible for people that travel between these two places even several hundred years ago.

But now I know a lot more about it and are very fascinated by both Kontiki and Thor Heyerdal. I visited the museum yesterday and today I saw the documentary they recorded while they did their journey. The documentary won also an Oscar in 1951 for best documentary.

Must say that it was a very interesting documentary and really liked it, even if it’s over 65 years old.

The museum was great and I can really recommend it.

Here’s some pictures from the visit at the museum.

Me and the Oscars again

The Oscars seam like a thing that keeps reoccurring in my life right now.

Last weekend I where on a birthday dinner in Lund, Sweden with the Oscars theme. Yesterday I visited the Kontiki museum here in Oslo, Norway and guess what I found in the museum a real Oscar statuette. Apparently the documentary that they made when they sailed the Kontiki won an Oscar for best documentary in 1951. So one again an Oscar in the blog.