This weekend has been a bit more intense tha usually because I had to get back earlier today to Sweden. In order to celebrate my dad who turned 55 earlier this week. Where a nice party and I got to see my sister for the first time since Christmas.

So what have I done more this weekend? Friday I drove up to Oslo and my girlfriend G where at a film shoot and came home after me so I had some time to watch 2 episodes of the Tv serie breakout kings. And than we had some wine and just hung out.

Saturday we drove to Brovoll which is about a 1 hour drive north of Oslo into the maountains and went cross country skiing and it was so calm and peaceful and the nature where just amazing so at one point I just had to stop just to enjoy the quiteness, amazing. And the view where stunning lite a winter wonderland.

Later that night we drove back to Oslo and went to see Singin In the Rain at Folketeatret. Great musical and great show which ended a great day.


Best thing about Norway

I’ve lived in Oslo, Norway for over two years now. I like it here and think that it’s a great place to live. But the best thing about it is it active mindset and the relationship to nature. I get out in the forest way more now than ever and it’s the way it work. At the weekends people get out to the coast or in the forest and so do I even if I live in Oslo which is the capital. I have never experienced this kind of behavior in Sweden in the Swedes also have a special relationship to its nature but not in the same way. And the public transportation system is not built for getting out in the nature. Here in Oslo I’ve got 15-30 depending on where I’m goin in transportation time to a place to walk in the forest, cross country ski in the winter or get out to a lake or the sea. This is from central parts of Oslo but still that’s just great.


Hiking on the mountain

Just got back from hiking on the mountain and on the top of Mosetertoppen at 833 meters over the sea. Where our for almost three hours and on the top it was snowing. Was a beautiful hike and had my DSLR camera with me and took some photos so hope some of them where okey and something I can share here in the blog in a post later.

For now you get a photo from the view point a few hundred meters over where our cabin is located.


Sunday Hiking 2

Few weeks ago me and my girlfriend G was out hiking and we really liked it. So when we woke up this morning the skies where clear blue and the sun was shining. Then it became a bit cloudy but we got out anyway.

To be honest with you the first plan was to hike about 5 km quite easy but then we decided we wanted to visit a new place we haven’t been to so far and we chose track by gut feeling.

Short story is that we ended up getting a beautiful over 10 km hike and got distracted by both picking mushrooms that we can use in cocking for autumn and the winter and a classic waffle stop on the way out in the stunning Norwegian nature.

Yeah, the day became a bit different from what we planed but he got a grey day together and in order to relax and stress off this was just what I needed.

Here some pictures from today!