NHL: Rangers vs Flyers

My girlfriend was away on work related award show and I was home so I took the opportunity to watch the first full NHL of 2016 for me. And it was on a good time even for us NHL fans that love sun Europe. The game I chose to see was the New York Rangers vs Philadelphia Flyers. A game where there was real rivalry and it show in the game. The big talker wa about Flyers Simmons getting a game penalty for misconduct and what Simmons did wasn’t according to the rule book but what McDonald did to Simmons wasn’t either according to the rule book if I’m honest. However this nicely said stirded up some feelings and after a while we got a fight and at that point it felt like the referees lost the control of the game and I think fans of both teams felt that way. 

Flyers took the lead in the first period but Rangers tied it early in the second. But now for long before Flyers where back in the lead. In the third Ramgers did all they could in order to catch up and it didn’t seam like they where going to succeed but in the lag seconds of the third period Rangers pulled their goalie Henrik Lundqvist and with 12 seconds left they got tied. After that tree was overtime and I once again became convinced about that the 3 on 3 over time format is genius and among the most entertaining forms of hockey I’ve seen. The intensity and skilled and opportunities makes it just fantastic. I love it. But in this game no team had won after the over time so it became a shootout and Lundqust stopped all shoots and Zuccarello made a Peter Forsberg move and where a part of the winning trio that made Rangers win this game. Rangers really stole this game from the Flyers and I really liked watching it but I had hoped more out of the Rangers to be honest.

Either way a great Sunday evening!

Million Dollar Listing Season 4

I’ve to admit that I live following the tv series million dollar listing New York. I’ve seen all episodes so far and right now I’m watching the latest season, season four. What a season so far is anther kind of conflicts and like it better this way. Then in working within construction so I really like watching all the different projects and real estate.

Then I’m fascinated by New York as so many other and also design and architecture which makes it a really interesting show to follow. Except that is most of my friends and my sister following to.

Attached a trailer here below for you who are interested and what to check it up some more. This is an old trailer from the first season but it gives a hint of the show but it has developed.

Hockey: Presidents Trophy

With two games left of the regular serie the New York Rangers secured the Presidenta Trophy which makes the the best team in the entire NHL during the regular season. I got to say that I didn’t expect that before this season started. And I’m a Rangers fan. A good day to be a Rangers fan.

Last time the Rangers won the Presidents Throphy where 1994 which is also the year when they won the Stanely Cup last time. To be honest I didn’t expect them to win this. I don’t take for granted the Stanely Cup but this definatley gives me hope for it. Might be a very interesting NHL playoffs.


Let’s go Rangers!

All for Sweden

Last night I looked at All for Sweden or “Allt för Sverige” as the name on the tv-show is in Swedish. It’s a tv-show that’s about Americans that seek their family history in Sweden. Many of there swedes emigrated if the USA during the late 19th century and earlier 20th century. One of the Swedes that emigrated where my grand grandfather, he emigrated to New York and lived there for several years and fell in love with a German woman that also emigrated on a English course. They got married and my grandfather was born in New Jersey. The family lived their until he was 11 years old. So my family history makes the tv show a bit more interesting for me.

I would like to know more about that history and from time to time I try to investigate it closer. However all tips and tricks is welcome if you have any please comment.

Earlier I’ve seen season 1 and 3 and absolutely lived it. In fact I’ve gotten so inspired that I’ve started to research my family’s history more and so also this time.

It’s the forth season now and finally I gotten G interested in the show as well. Really like that show and it keeps me think about if I still got any relatives in the US according my grandfather we can still have some relatives in the US.


Memory lane and photos from New York

Half weeks gone and I’ve been continuing to do some musts at home at the same time as I’m working at getting the system for pictures to work better on my computer. I’m looking especially for pictures from the trip to New York City in winter of 2013.

While looking through some of the pictures I’m discovering new favorites. The fact that I found new favorites surprised me a little bit to be honest with you. That trip to New York where truly an amazing trip and would love to visit New York again soon. I am sure that I will share more photos from that trip here in the blog later.However, could I not stop myself from at least share some pictures from that trip now.


Ge Fredrik Eklund ett sommarprat!

Efter att sett den del million dollar listing så har jag blivit lite inspirerad av Fredrik Eklund. Sedan så hittade jag en intervju med honom och den väckte egentligen mer nyfikenhet. Efter det så letade jag fram en podcast intervju med honom och den inspirerade mig verkligen. I detta sammanhang slog det mig att Fredrik Eklund skulle vara helt perfekt för ett sommarprat i Sommar i P1.

Frågan är väl bara om Sveriges Radio inser detta och vågar erbjuda honom chansen att sommarprata och att sedan få honom att sommarprata. Men jag tror att det är var Sverige Radio skulle behöva och att det skulle vara en frisk fläkt för konceptet.

Så nu tycker jag det är dags att ge Sverige Radio lite idéer för något nytt och spännande så twittra till Sverigesradio och märk #GeFredirikEklundEttSommarprat

New York Rangers nya tränare

Ny huvudtränare i New York Rangers blir Alain Vigneault som de senaste 7 åren tränat Vancouver. Han har en lugnare stil än än Rangers förra tränare Torterella som faktiskt nyss presenterats som Vancouvers nya huvudtränare. Som back tränare blir det Ulf Samuelsson som senaste två åren varit huvudtränare i Modo i elitserien.

Mina tankar om detta är ännu ganska blandade. Samuelsson skall enligt självaste Gretzky vara en riktigt bra back tränare. Själv gillade jag sättet som Samuelsson tränade Modo under senaste säsongen och speciellt i slutspelet. Hur han nu klara sig i NHL blir en annan fråga men han har vart där tidigare och jag tror nog faktiskt det kan bli ganska bra.

Ser man till Vigneault så har han fina meriter från tidigare och jag tror att Rangers kan behöva en lite lugnare tränare. Sedan har Vancouvers problem de senaste åren vart att det vart väldigt bra i grundserien men inte i slutspelet. Rangers skulle jag nästa säga har vart tvärt m där de har varit okej i grundserien och nästan precis tagit sig dit för att sedan prestera ganska bra i slutspelet eller i alla fall över förväntningarna.

Hur det verkligen blir det får vi se i höst vilket jag verkligen ser fram emot.