A place nobody thought someone could live

The last couple of days I’ve found a Norwegian Tv serie with the title “A place where nobody though someone could live”. It’s a tv serie produced by the public broadcasting company NRK and they’ve done 16 seasons. And I just found it.

They follow a person or a family in a beautiful place in Norway where almost no one else lives. The first episode I watched where about an old man that where the only one that live in his village. And it had been so for many years.

Great scenery and fascinating stories. And my wife recommends the show for me and said that we should live like that sometime in life. And I can see the fascination. To live in a little village or so that have stunning views and nature. I think I could live like that for if not all year a large part of it. I think that’s why I appreciate our cottage. It’s not fully like the show but I can find similarities to what I like and my thoughts.

It’s also really funny to listen to dialects especially after been living in Norway. So even if I’m a Swede and talk Swedish I understand the most Norwegian words and part of the language and dialects. It’s pretty similar languages.

Do you think you could live in a place just your family? And in what kind of environment?

By the way I highly recommend you to see it if you can find it.


World Championships in cross country skiing

Forth day in a row that I’m watching cross country skiing. Watching in at Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK. And it’s quite entertaining. Right now it’s world championships in Falun Sweden and the interest in Sweden is big but here in Norway it’s even bigger. This is a big sport in Sweden but it’s even bigger in Norway and both nations are really good. I would say that Norway is the best nation in the world but all Swedish gold medals and every day we are beating the Norwegians are good days.

And today Sweden won another gold.

Lite X-Games

Har lite tid över så slagit på NRKplay och tittar lite på damernas final i Slopestyle. Sedan blir det ju inte direkt sämre när det är en norsk jente som tar hem guldmedaljen och kommentatorerna bara skriver av lycka. Sedan är det riktigt skön avslappning. Dessutom så är jag verkligt imponerad av hoppen som tjejerna bjuder på.

Blev även lite av herranas Big Air final också, inte mindre imponerad av de hoppen direkt.

Riktigt bra helg för att se lite vintersport så blev lite annat av bara farten också.

Måndag, Mozzarella & Mayer

Kvällen har ägnats åt att se lite norsk tv på typ NRK-play, lyssna John Mayer, vika tvätt och laga hemmagjord italiensk pizza.
Det är ju inte tvättvikningen som vart kvällens höjdpunkt det är en sak som är säker. Pizzan blev grym kan jag meddela med mozzarella och lufttorkad skinka m.m. Dags att ladda batterierna, hörs snart igen.