First trip outside Norway of 2015

First trip of the year outside of Norway is coming up today. Heading away to visit both Denmark and Sweden.

Bags are packed and the suit and my Italian shoes are ready for this. Not the regular luggage for me but since I will attend a baptism i thought it’s best to be well dressed.

The plan is to eat dinner tonight in Copenhagen where we find something that seams good. No plans except finding the hotel and get familiar with the surroundings.

Saturday is baptism day so before noon we take the train to Lund in Sweden to attend the baptism. After that we head back to Copenhagen and G have booked a table that I don’t remember the name of right now but it seams promising.

Sunday isn’t that much planned yet so we will see what happen.

I am really looking forward to this weekend.

Preparations begins

Right now most things are about getting things done before Christmas. So today I’ve started packing for the Christmas trip back to Sweden. Not finished yet but at least I’ve started.

Also made Indian food. I really like Indian food. Something I really discovered after I meet G.

Other than that I’ve seen some tv and read some news. Apparently there where an attempted armed robbery in my hometown today so the Facebook feed is rather influenced by that. Can hardly believe it’s true that that kind if crime exists in a city like that.

Packing for Sweden

Been an quite ordinary Thursday with work and then home. Tonight I will pack my bags for tomorrow when it’s time to go back to Sweden over the weekend after work.

Last night me and G was planing for the upcoming month. So now November is pretty much booked or at least almost with visit from friends and family and some other thing but I promise to keep you posted.

Today many Swedish NHL podcast where released so I’ve started listening at one of them. Think there will be some left for the traveling this weekend.

Looking forward the weekend and here’s a photo of the beautiful autumn sunset here in Oslo tonight.