First day, Rome and the Vatican

First real day in Rome for this trip. And I had booked tickets to the Vatican museum and a guided tour there. I’ve been to the Vatican museum two times earlier but it has never been better. The museum is 7 km of hallways read I somewhere and no doubt that we walked much but I like walking so it suited me well. Have to say that the collections in the Vatican museum is stunning in fact sometime it so much and majestic that I don’t know if I’m able to get all impression into my head. The guide where also great but understood at other friends that the quality an vary a bit. 

After the museum we took and ate lunch a bit from the Vatican and it where a nice pasta and a Classic Italian Peroni beer. All of this in just my shirt and chinos in the 20 degree Celsius sun. Guess if that was welcome after 20 centimeters of snow and freezing minus degrees just two days ago. It’s like Swedish summer here in Rome right now and that’s just insanely nice for me. But I realize that the Italians think it’s col because it looks like they walk around in winter jackets.




Afte lunch it was time for the St Peters church which is the largest Christian church in the world and it’s very impressive and majestic. So walked around in that and saw the statue of Rafael. The tomb of the Swedish Queen Kristina and the we walked down into the crypt where the tombs of the popes are. Didn’t think that was open to the public but apparently it was and appreciated very much to see it. Then er ende the tour with looking at the Swiss guard. For many people this would be a full day but not for me and I shows mom Castello St Angelo down by the river and a walked over the St Angelo with its 10 angels.



Then we walked small Italian streets and mom got some shopping and I got my daily Italian gelato which is Italian ice cream.

Then we walked home and passed by piazza Navona which is very beautiful. The we made a stop and visited Pantheon the oldest complete building in entire Rome and where the tomb of the artist Rafael is located and also Emanuell Vittoria II the king that united Italy to one country. 

Then we walked by Fontana di Trevi and tossed coins in the fountain and took a look at it before we went back to the hotel to prepare for tonight’s dinner. No idea where we will eat tonight but will write about it later on.