Why I been out of range 

I’ve been away for a few day because of family reasons and that’s the reason to why I’ve not been updating so frequently. However, it’s now going in the right direction and hopefully all will be good soon. But this also means that last week has been a though couple of days and taken a lot of energy. So I’m pretty shaken up still about the whole thing. But it’s also make you realize what’s important here in life. And family and friends comes first no doubt about it.

Hope to get up and running a bit more as usually on the blog with in the next few days. See you!



Swedish country side

I’ve spent a few days in the Swedish country side as I’ve mentioned earlier and it has been great. Just the magic silence of nothing is fantastic. Just long walks in the woods and by the lake. Took a long walk yesterday with the camera. Got some nice pictures of the beautiful nature up there. Is so relaxing up in the cabin. It has been real winter weather as well which is nice.



Outside of Sweden

Been many intense periods durning the late summer and autumn so far for me. Included some traveling and been to Sweden a couple of times but now I have no plans to visit Sweden until Christmas. So almost two months without seen my beloved Sweden. Have never been outside of Sweden that long before.

Must just make clear that I really like to live in Norway so can’t complain about my life here at all.

Have nice evening.


Finished my vacation book

The vacation ended as usual quite quick and when it ended I was in the middle of a book I was reading.

Usually that book becomes like a fixed interior piece in my bookshelf until next vacation when I have to to read it. Not this time last week I took a few evenings and continued reading the book and I finished it.

What a feeling that is to be able to read something to the end. I was so happy tag I now have bought two new books but I think I will get back to that in another post.