This weekend has been a bit more intense tha usually because I had to get back earlier today to Sweden. In order to celebrate my dad who turned 55 earlier this week. Where a nice party and I got to see my sister for the first time since Christmas.

So what have I done more this weekend? Friday I drove up to Oslo and my girlfriend G where at a film shoot and came home after me so I had some time to watch 2 episodes of the Tv serie breakout kings. And than we had some wine and just hung out.

Saturday we drove to Brovoll which is about a 1 hour drive north of Oslo into the maountains and went cross country skiing and it was so calm and peaceful and the nature where just amazing so at one point I just had to stop just to enjoy the quiteness, amazing. And the view where stunning lite a winter wonderland.

Later that night we drove back to Oslo and went to see Singin In the Rain at Folketeatret. Great musical and great show which ended a great day.


Boat season is over

Yesterday I’ve spent in the Swedish country side in the deep forests of Dalsland. Dalsland is a region in of Sweden with a lots of forest and lakes.

The morning started with breakfast and then me and my girlfriend G’s father H drive down to the little harbor in the near by lake to get their bout out of the water for the winter. So a got myself a little trip in the bout alone to the place where we had the car and the boat trailer. It all went great. But the main thing with this where the calm and the beautiful and the lake that almost was like a mirror in the morning fog. Was a great start of the day!


Sunday walk

Last Sunday me and my girlfriend G took a walk along the new walk along the waterfront here in Oslo. It a rather new walk and our walk became approximately 10 km.

I took my camera with me and works o. My photography skills. Think photograph is very fun and it’s a interest I’ve got and that I really like to improve. Here are some photos from the walk.


Autumn has arrived

1st of September and the weather followed the calendar with clouds and rain the autum suddenly arrived in Oslo and in my life.

But I took a walk in the rain home from work. Always a nice way to gather your thoughts.

Then I made a health meal with chicken and tried and banan ginger smoothie that I’ve never done before. Also spend the evening sharing photos from this spring and summer with friends and family. A rather calm evening but think I got some things done at least.

Also talked to one of my best friends S and congratulated him on his birthday.

Have a nice evening and see you soon.

This is one of many lovely photos from this summer.


The Blog is Back

After almost a month of vacation and less activity on the blog it’s finally back. The vacation has been good and I have a few posts in mind already and also some reviews.

Looking forward to this autumn and new adventures with you readers. I can hint that there might already be discussions of a trip this winter or spring. 

I’ve also got a project that’s started up a few days ago that I’m working very closely with so this can be an interesting autumn.

But it’s been an amazing summer!


New coat hanger 

Last weekend me and G bought a new coat hanger at the Danish interior store Hay. But we had to order it and could first pick it up in the beginning of this week. So I picked it up after work this week. So I went to the warehouse and picked it up and then I went with it along one of the major shopping streets here in Oslo with the package on my shoulder. Not many people that not gave me the space that I needed out on the street. 

However now it’s in the hall here our apartment. Looks good and also we have new hangers on it as you can see. Got to say that in please with the results.

But both me amen G have even looking on this coat hanger for a very long time before we bought it.

Here are some photos of the new stuff.


The road back to Oslo

Been away from Oslo for over a week now but right know I’m in my way back. So today will pretty much be a day out on the road.

Been a great weeks with Sweden and Italy. The weathers has also been greT so been a great week but getting back home to Oslo and my own place has its charm.

But even if I will stay in Oslo for a few days now I hope to get photos and got a lot of review coming. Today have me and G also detected true detective so will most likely be something on that. 



Weekend in Copenhagen

Have been trying to post this for a while now but today I finally got some pictures in from the trip into this post. This is about the weekend in Copenhagen two weekends ago.

It’s was a great weekend in Copenhagen for me and G. We arrived rather late at Friday evening and checked in at the hotel and then went out for a short walk and got something to eat. In this case it was a classic red Danish sausage.

Saturday started off by breakfast and then we got ready for the baptism of some friends daughter in Lund, Sweden. Took the train to Sweden which where very easy to do and worked perfect an took less than an hour. The baptism where beautiful and it where a traditional Swedish baptism in the church and afterward it where some Coffe and cake and we got to socialize with our friends. After that we had a short walk in Lund and had some lunch.

After that we headed back with the train to Copenhagen and Denmark. For a little walk in Copenhagen and then some dinner at the restaurant Madklubben Bistro-de-lux. Then the day where pretty much over since both me and G where rather tired after the day.

Sunday where mainly a shopping day but also to walk around a little bit. After that we headed out to the airport and did some tax free shopping and just relaxed until our flight for Oslo left. A great weekend where we visited all Scandinavia countries.

Great weekend and really like Copenhagen so would like to go back soon again. Then I hope to write some reviews of restaurants and so on as soon as I get the time and post them here on the blog.

By the way I nerver thought I would say this but I love Copenhagen.

Shopping Sunday in Copenhagen

Yesterday where the last day of my trip in Copenhagen and the only day that I in fact spend the most of the day in Copenhagen. We had a flight that left first that evening so we got some time in Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city. The plane where to take a walk and se some sightseeing spots but the weather where very windy and also had some rain so we started the walk but cut it short and went shopping at the shopping street Strøget and in the neighborhood around it. Strøget is apparently the longest shopping street in Europe did I learn today. If my sources are correct is it this with a length if approximately 1100 meters.

I found two t-shirts from the Danish clothing brand Samsø & Samsø that I really like and a little photography book at Urban Outfitters.

Also looked for some cloths for G and found some stuff and &other stories.

We where also in some other stores but it where her we did some shopping. Then we had lunch at a Italian restaurant that I will write a restaurant review at as soon as possible.

After that we took a nice walk by the water back to the hotel and picked up our bags and headed out to he airport where we ate some and did some more minor shopping.


Tuesday weather

Today where the first time in a few days where I went to work in nice weather. That’s just a great way to start off the day. Everything get so much easier when it nice weather.

After work I went for a walk with so where out almost one and a half hour. Nice to just walk around a see the city.
Also rather nice weather during the evening walk. Here are some photos from the walk today.