Planning weekend in Dalsland

Late last night I drove home from the cottage in the countryside in Dalsland. Me and my girlfriend G have been there with some friends in order to do some plannning. Well, I guess it’s time to tell you, in May I’m getting married to G and we will get married in Dalsland.

So we have been to the venue and checked how we could have the tables. Meet the owner of the venue and the chef. We have also planed with our toastmasters A and S. But we also got the chance to hike around the lake. Even if was cold and came a lot of snow yesterday it was beautiful.

Planning has begun

Today the planning has begun for the California road trip. The trips coming closer and that’s fast. The flight is booked since January, the hotels since a few months and the car where booked this week. So the most important things are already set but now the planning has begun at a more detailed level. It’s slowly coming together now but got a little bit of time more before it’s time.


Planning a visit by my Sister

Foe quite some time me and my sister have tried to meet up here in Oslo and for her to visits me. 

But for the last few days have we talked more about if and fiannaly gotten closer to solve the puzzle. But it’s not that simple because she normally works during weekends but now I think we found a weekend where she can visit which is very fun.

So if nothing other disturbs the plans we will probably meet here in Oslo in the middle of June. So really hope this works out now. 



Planning Wendesday

This is a great week, I’m full of energy and have plans that really makes me happy and excited.

Just attended a board meeting with the board I’m a member of which always I but an honor but also great fun to be able to be involved in that way. Now it’s time for preparing dinner. Thinking Italian today.

Tomorrow is there a new Apple Event scheduled and I hope I get the time to watch some of it but I think I will get time to see at least a bit of it.

I have already know plans for Friday and pretty much the rest of the week as well. Can’t tell you yet but I promise to keep you posted on the topic.