Staring a chair project

Sunday and mixed feelings. A great weekend but my wife G is going back to Oslo and I’m going back to Gothenburg. However, I’ve got a project in the making. I’ve picked up five old school chairs from the first part of the last decade. What’s cool about stuff that old is that the material is massive. It’s good wooden material and the wood is massive. The steel is also the real deal.

What’s the plan? The plan is that I’m going to take of the chairs and make it the prototype in order to see how things turn out. The thought right now is to dismantle the chair. Sandpaper the surface of both the wood and the painted steel. Repair the damages to the wood and to paint it with clear coating. Then to spray the steel frame with primer a few times and the paint it leaf green and assemble all pieces again.

Super excited for all of this right know and very curious of how it all will turn out. Have you done something similar, please leave med some advice in the comments.


Once again I’m back in Oslo and so are my girl friend G. Last weekend and this week most of it has been affected by the trip to Florence, Italy. But this weekend we have just been in Oslo. So good to be back in Oslo and just relax and recharge my batteries. But next weekend I will be out on the roads again nothing major but there will be a trip to Sweden in order to attend a lifesavers conference. In fact this was the last weekend in Oslo for the next three weeks so needed some time at home. But really looking forward for what is planned. And will keep you posted.

Here is a photo of G (my girlfriend) in front of the Royal castle here in Oslo, Norway from out walk yesterday.

Day in Dalsland

Today have been just what I needed. Me and G took of and left Oslo late last night and arrived at the cabin in Dalsland, Sweden. Dalsland is a region in Sweden which is a very forgotten region that mainly consists of forest and lakes. G’s family have a connection to this place and her family owns a couple houses/cabins here.

So this morning I woke up the birds singing and sunshine and a quietness that I haven’t experienced in a long time. It was a nice feeling. Then we had a nice breakfast and after that her parents arrived and we took a walk down by the lake. The we had lunch where we ate a very nice tasting Greek salad. 

This evening G’s parents returned to Gothenburg but her grandpa is here so we had some BBQ with him and just socialized. Was a very pleasant evening.

Really like this place it allows me to relax in a indescribable way.


Relaxing Saturday

Today might just have been the most relaxing day in a very long time almost to relaxing but think I needed that more than I might think. Sleept in because went to bed rather late last night.

However started out the day by watching so recaps from last nights NHL playoffs. As always the Swedes did good. 

To start of the day we went for a walk and after that we have read for a few hours and watched a few movies and BBQ/grilled some home made hamburgers for dinner.

Been a great day, how have yours been?


Rome, Day 3

First two  days where all about the classic must see and do things of Rome. Today have been different, much more focus on just enjoying the city. Started of with a late breakfast and then a nice walk in the lovely weather out in the park around Vila borgese. A great park which makes me thing of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco by in an Italian style.

The went shopping with only a quick stop for lunch and after that we relaxed with some ice cream outside of the church Santa Maria maggiore. And this evening we have been out eating as usually at place we visited earlier this week.

Time to get some sleep before we leave tomorrow. See you. Will write more about the shopping later on.



Monday walk

Been a rather cloudy day here in Oslo but G and I took a very nice walk in the Frogner park after work today and that filled me with new energy and really got to relax a bit before I started to make some must do stuff here at home.

The week a head of me is rather intense with a board meeting and preparations, I have musts back in Sweden and the my mom have birthday and then G’s mom have birthday so will be celebrations and dinners in associations to these events.

Then I will try to squeeze in some friends also while I’m at home. So a lot of things but hopefully a lot of fun as well.

Casino Royale

G is out with her job and I’m at home just relaxing and taking it calm after a long week. So now I’m watching James Bond or to be more specific Casino Royale.

I still think it’s the best Bond movie in modern times. The edge in the conversations and the lines is absolutely perfect and it give so much small great things about the the start of James Bond. Really like Felix from CIA a classic Bond character. Would be fun to see more of him in future movies.

Then there are all of the great lines in the movie. Below are a few of them. Really like this movie. Been a real good friday evening.