Movie Review: Jack Reacher Never Go Back

So a while ago I saw the latest Jack Reacher movie and I just have to start of my saying that I really like Tom Cruise as an actor he always delivers. In fact he might be one of my absolute favorite actors. However that was not what Inentirely thought I would write about. I like the actors okay but Cruise and the young girl really makes something of this move. The story is a Lee Child story and he is one of my favorite authors so it’s good but but as good as the books. 

It’s action packed as you expect it to be. The stenography is good. As well as the photography that tends to be action based in my opinion. So I would recommend this movie!


2016 Review

First of all I just want to say happy new year everyone and thanks for reading the blog during 2016. It’s amazing to be able to run this blog.

2016 have been an intense year but I first realized when looking back at it on new years eve. So I though I would summarize it a little bit. And I have an idea of split a deeper review up during the next month.

So 2016 started I started out on my trip to Bali. Which was my first time I spent new year outside of Sweden. Bali was amazing and among the best trips of my life and right now I can see a lot of people posting from Bali on social media and I just want to go back soon again.

However the trip ended and I returned back to work and my home in Oslo. Back home in Oslo i cross country skied as much as I could and when X-games visited Oslo me and friend went and saw the big air competition which where amazing.

During the spring I celebrated my 29th birthday and I did so in Florence, Italy which where great. Don’t think I ever been to a city where I’ve eaten som much great food and been drinking so much great wine and with great I really med GREAT!

Just two weeks after my return to Oslo I went back to Italy. This time I stopped in Milan on the way to Cinque Terra where I hiked for 5 days with beautiful views.

The summer I spent in Sweden as usually together with my family and during the summer my grandpa on mother side past away. But I also had a real nice summer. Most of it by my girlfriend G’s  family’s cottage in Dalsland but also on the Swedish West coast that pretty much is Swedish summer to me. I also climbed hiked up the Norwegian mountain Gaustatoppen and meet my mom’s cousins and their children which where about the same age as me.

The autumn has I not written som much about on the blog but where among the biggest changes this year. I got a new job in Sweden that meant that I moved form Norway back home to Sweden again. However, I still travel a lot to Oslo and Norway because my girlfriend G still lives in Oslo. Much of the end of the year have been going to establishing my self back in Sweden. Taking up contact with friends in the area. Started to train lifeguarding again.

It’s been an intense year and I already now know that 2017 might be a even bigger year for me. I will let you know soon what this hint is about.

Roller Coaster: Superman Escape From Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain

I got to admit that I’ve never been more afraid of going on a roller coaster than this one and I had not planed to go on it but as I built up my roller coaster confidence during the day I went. What a ride, this is the only roller coaster ever that made me scream out of pure joy on adrenaline ever.

This 126 meters high and 167 km/h fast roller coaster is beyond anything else I ever tried before. This is excitement and this is a thrill and I love speed in controlled forms and here you go from 0-167 km/h in 7 second, you 90 degrees right up into the sky in 126 meters and then fall back. This is something I can promise you that.

I would without a doubt recommend this if you dare to go on it and I rank it 5 out of 5 points. Amazing!

Attached a little video from TheCoasterViews on Youtube if you’re interested to check it out.


Rollercoaster: Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain

It was a long time since I had one of these post on the blog but now it’s time again for a roller coaster review. This is a review from when I  visited Six Flags Magic Mountain last summer that I first now could publish here on the blog.

So Twisted Colossus where just re-opened and it as a big roller coaster, trust me in fact its the longest wood and steel hybrid roller coaster in the world. And it gives you quite some time on the ride, especially if you compare with the Swedish and Norwegians roller coaster I’ve tried earlier that often are real good but short. This is something else. It’s not the most extreme ride I’ve tried but it has some cool hang time where you hang over another ride that’s real cool. It’s a real exciting ride with its share of thrills and I really like it.

I would rank it 4 out 5 points and I would definitely recommend it. I attached a video from Sharp Productions at youtube if you want to check it out.

Restaurant Review: Hvaskjer

Yesterday I visited the restaurant Hvaskjer (Norwegian for approximately what is happening) thats located in Torshov. First visit to this place and I really like it I can say you that much already now.

So lets start with the exterior, it all looks like a cinema or a small venue for concerts which is also is and a bit luxurious in the put side. When you get in you get a hipster vibe, modern, good food, rustic and focus on meat. Very dark interior which I can have a hard time to like often but not this time because the make their concept to 110% without any compromises which I really like. The open kitchen where you can see how they make your food over the open wood fire just makes it great.

And this place is a restaurant that really have focus on the meat and it’s very obvious that it is that way. I had the burger of the day which probably is the most innovative burger I ever tasted anywhere in the world. I was well composed and with Asian taste influences and probably the best meat I’ve eaten in a burger, might be of all time or might be just in Norway. Not sure about that yet. If you like fires they are perfectly crispy and just perfect inside as well but I think they would be even better without the Parmesan cheese and the spices. But still top notch fries.

If you like burgers or meat at think this is a must visit place. I will go here again just to try out the meat very soon I hope.

However, I have nothing bad to say about this place  and I really want to review it with top review but I just can’t. I can not say what it s but there is something missing that I cant pinpoint so I will rank it with 4 out of 5 points as close to 5 points as it possible gets and I will more than recommend this place.

If you want to check this place you can find more info on their webpage: or at Yelp:



Yelp recommendations

I like writing reviews which you can see here at the blog from time to time. But I also write reviews on Yelp and I’m in fact a part of their Elite community in Oslo for people that write reviews frequently. So yesterday I worked in a few new reviews, mainly from my California road trip. But there really other also. 

I’m looking for inspiration in Oslo and other people on Yelp that I could follow. If they frequent users and writers and not a part of the elite community yet please give me a tips because in looking for someone to nominate.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

So a while back my second cousin recommended this tv series to me and today I’ve been trying to relax after work and seen a few episodes.

For you who not know the serie it’s a comedy cop serie that take place in a precinct in Broklyn. And usually the cop comedy series are not that goo but this is. In fact it’s a real goo comedy serie and I like it a lot. 

I would grade it 4 out o 5 points.


Hotel Review: Heavenly Valley Lodge

During me and my girlfriend G’s road trip through California we did a two nights stop in South Lake Tahoe and stayed at Heavenly Vally Lodge. This show itself be one of the best places we stopped during the entire trip. This is a bed and breakfast run by a lovely couple that took very well care of us, they made breakfast every morning, made sure we had fresh and new water bottles at our room and cookies, have is discounts in places nearby and a nice introduction to the area. They also arranged a cocktail hour every day which we unfortunately missed during our stay but that seam very popular and good.

The rooms had all you could ask for but where a bit small but it didn’t do anything for us. There where probably the most cosy rooms I ever stayed in. Can’t say anything negative about this place and because of that I can just highly recommend it and give it 5 out 5 points.




Hotel Review: Lombard Motor Inn

Stayed at the Lombard Motor Inn during my road trip through California and during my final stop in San Francisco I stayed there. Its located in the central parts of San Francisco on Lombard Street a few hundred meters from the “famous” part of the street and within walking distance from the Marina.

Parking where included but it was rather full when we where there so they ran out of parking but they solved it.

The service where good and the rooms clean, but they had no refrigerator but there where a ice machine and an ice bucket to keep things cold. A continent store around the corner and a decent distance to restaurants even it the area closest to the hotel mainly where motels and hotels.

Absolutely a hotel that good you good value for money but its no luxury hotel. For my purposes it worked more than fine. I would recommend it if you just need a place to sleep and to stay for a few days in San Fransisco. So th grade for this place is 3 out of 5 points and  I would recommend it!

Rollercoaster: Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain

This is probably the best roller coaster ride I’ve ever tried and its also the first one I tried where you are lying down. It’s smooth, give you a thrill and a good feeling in the entire body. This is something new and its great, you can feel the G force and it has all the twist, turns, dives and a loop. I can’t come up with something that I would like to have more from this roller coaster except that it would be nice if it where a bit longer but don’t you wish that in all roller coasters?

As usually I’ve attached a video that can’t explain it but at least give you a hint of what this roller coaster is all about from TheCoasterViews at YouTube here below.