Island of Ven

Good food, drinks and stunning landscapes. Ven is an island in the middle of the narrow between Sweden and Denmark.

Me and my G have just arrived to the mainland after 3 days on the island. Still I’m trying to find a reason to go back.

Our accommodation for our stay at Ven has been on the camping Camp Ven in our tent. This place as been really good. Clean toilets and showers. What I should call the right amount of guests. A bar and resultant with both good food and drinks much better than I’ve expected out of a camping. Good service, I can really recommend this place.

First day we spent settling down at the camping and having a nice evening with dinner and wine.

Our second day we rented bikes in order to ride around the entire island which takes about 90 minutes. A beautiful ride. However we to a break in one of the harbors to have a smoked salmon lunch with potato salad and a beer. After that we continued to a beach and took a swim and then returning to the camping.

After short stop at the camping we took the bikes to Spirits of Hven Backafallsbyn for a gourmet tasting. Where we tasted Vodka, Akvavit, Gin and Whiskey and learned what drinks you could do from some of them and proportions. The also talked about the history and the making of the different spirits and of the distillery.

After the tasting me and G had a great dinner at their restaurant. Where we both where very pleased with the food and the setting. Lovely outdoor section of the restaurant.

Then we headed back to to camping and took the ferry back to the mainland. The easiest way to get both to and from the island is by ferry from Landskrona.

Ven where a super nice short stop at our vacation and I can highly recommend it. The fact is that I would more than love to go back.

Friends and BBQ

Arrived in south of Sweden after a day at work together with old friends that lives down here. Amazing to be here and to catch up. Had an amazing evening hanging out with my oldest friend A and his girlfriend P and their amazing kids and my friend C. So A have made a magical BBQ buffet for us when we arrived and me and C had some nice beer with us. So first we spent some time playing with the kids and after they went to bed we adults had some beers and watched some hockey and talked,

However, now it’s bed time in order to be ready for the world championships of hockey tomorrow in Copenhagen where me A and C will spend the entire day. I’m so looking forward to it! Good night see you tomorrow!

Restaurant Review: Stateline Brewery & Restaurant, South Lake Tahoe

Another stop at my California road trip when I visited South Lake Tahoe.

The Stateline Brewery & Restaurant was the second brewery I visited during the road trip. Its a restaurant and bar in the basement for a more mountain and cabin inspired shopping street with small malls in a similar style of buildings.

I had the chipotle chicken pizza with seasoned chicken, bacon, red peppers and pepper jack cheese with marinara sauce with chipotle aioli and green onions. Never ate this kind of pizza earlier but got to say that it was much better than expected and tasted good. Nothing but an ordinary pizza in my world but nice to try something different and this was apparently the pizza that where most popular and had been on the menu for the longest time. So, enough about the food. How was the beer? The beer was good or I would even say that it was great. The fact is that I could recommend this place only for the beer.

A place I would recommend, especially for the beer. I give this place 3 out of 5 points a real good place that I would recommend this place.


Restaurant Review: The Venice Whaler

During my road trip to California last summer I visited Venice Beach and tried out The Venice Whaler. Located in a unique blue house with a clear surf vibe to it which I really like and its located just by the Venice beach boardwalk. And because it was the first day in California i just had to get a burger.

So I tried the Whaler burger which where a real good burger with the place own beef patty blend, cheddar, slaw, chefs secret sauce and had fries with mayo to go along with the burger. The burger where a real good burger no doubt about that but the real thing here is really the fries. In fact I think they have the best fries in the world here. Its just perfect from the inside and out and the crispness is just perfect. Have never experienced better fries than these once.

If you visiting Venice beach I would really recommend this place and if I would grade it gets 4 strong points out of 5.

If you want to check it out more here is the link to ther webpage:


Restaurant Review: Burger Lounge, South Lake Tahoe

I stopped by the Burger Lounge on my way from Emerald Bay on may to the beach during my stay in South Lake Tahoe during my California road trip.

Its looks like a small little cabin and its a fast food restaurant but with charm I would say. I liked it and think its not the place for fine dining but for a great vacation lunch wit great burger and fries this is the place I would recommend in South Lake Tahoe and for you that is on a California road trip I would almost say it’s a must in Lake Tahoe.

Located pretty much in the wood surrounded by big trees and a great place outdoors where you can eat. A bit limited with parking but most of the guests seamed to solve that issue and one way or another anyway.

I had the smoke burger which I can highly recommend. Not the absolutely best burger of my life but defiantly high standard and a great burger. I warmly recommend this place. So whats the grade? I give it 4 out of 5 points!


Day 3 Camarillo Outlet

Yeaterday where a shopping day and me and G spent most of the day at Camarillo outlet. So we did some shopping but if you’re going here count on spending an whole day here because it’s big and it takes time. Took more time than we expected.

After the visit to the outlet we drove up to Santa Barbara and to a walk on the beach and at the boardwalk before we drive the last leg up to our stay for the night a few miles north of Cambria.

Pretty tired when we arrived. Today we also got a rather long drive in front of us along highway one but we got a little bit of a different strategy today. The basic plan is however to drive up to Santa Cruz. 


Dream about SF

My love for San Fransisco is something else. I visited San Fransisco for 2 weeks when G studied there and during those two weeks I feel in love with the city in a way that never happend before it after that trip. It can be that it’s the longest trip that I’ve done but there where something about it. In fact in my mind I still would say that it’s my number first choice of I should move to a new place. Just the atmosphere of healthiness, technology and acceptance for different lifestyles all in one city. With history, proximity to the sea and the architecture. It all inspires me in so many ways and as the same time I get a relaxed feeling. 

However later this summer I will visit San Fransico again and I’m almost a bit nervous. Will I love it as much this time? I really hope I will enjoy it as much this time but of  that’s the case will I get a need to visit again or more often? Don’t know but either way I’m so excited to see SF again and if you got any recommendations on this to see and do so please leave me a comment.