Started watching Mad men

I know I might be among the last once to start watching mad men but now I’ve started. To be honest I’ve started once before and quit after one episode but tonight I’ve seen two episodes. Kind of like it so far but not hooked yet. So pretty curious to see if I will get hooked on it. Only heard good things about it and the serie looks good, can’t say anything about that. So have you seen it? What do you think about it?

TV Review: BlackOps

Surprisingly my little sister have talked about this tv series for a couple of weeks and recommended it to me. So when I got some time a few days ago I saw two episodes of it. Haven’t had the time to see more yet.

But no matter what I’ve seen enought of it in order to get an opinion. BlackOps is a tv series about special forces all around the globe and well known operations that they have performed. Seal team 6 from the US and the black cats from India just to mention a few of them.

If your interested in these kind of things as I am it’s a good serie to watch. But the quality of the episodes in the first season that I’ve seen varying in production quality and how good they build the story. I can’t say it’s one of the best series I’ve seen but if you have an interest for these kind of operations and organizations I would recommend it.

So what’s the score? I will give it 3 points out of 5 because it’s good but it could be better in a couple of different ways.