SHL: Frölunda

The team from the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg. Gothenburg is a harbor town on the Swedish west coast. In fact a recent poll has shown that Frölunda is the most popular hockey club team in Sweden.

Frölunda that looks stronger than they done in many years. Last couple of years the club has improved but had difficulties in the playoffs. But this year I think they got the chance to win the championship and go all the way. And right now they leading the leauge.

The team have also a history of producing good NHL players. The former captain of the Ottawa Senators Daniel Alfredsson comes from Frölunda. But as that’s not enough where successor as captain of the Ottawa Senators Erik Karlsson is also from this team. And the up and coming defenseman John Klingberg from the Dallas Stars who challenger Karlsson for the Norris Trophy this years is also a form this team. And of course “The King of New York” Henrik Lundqvist in the New York Rangers comes from Frölunda and his twin brother is in fact the captain of the team.


SHL: Brynäs

So I thighs I would kick of this with introduce you to the first of the teams in the Swedish hockey league (SHL).

This is a real classic Swedish hockey team and they have won the championship 13 times and produces and the club is over 100 years old that’s tradition. The team is from the city of Gävle. So what famous players at from Brynäs? The first Swedish player inducted into the Hockey Hall of fame and with his own statue in Toronto where he played for many years, the one and only Börje Salming.  Another top NHL players that come from this team is Nicklas Bäckström the Washington Captials center. Vancovers backup goalie Jacob Markström, Eddie Läck the Caroline Hurricane goalie and Niklas Svedberg who played  backup goalie in Boston last year and now players in the KHL. So they e produces quite a lot of goalies the last year. Then there is the up and coming Jacob Silferberg, the forward that represents Anaheim Ducks today.

So far this year Brynäs have surprised be and among the top teams. I think that they defiantly will be a playoff team this year but I think they need some more time in order a team than can win the championship. 

Swedish Hockey Leauge has started

So finally the hockey season have started at least here in Sweden. For the NHL I will have to wait some more before but I will manage. However, the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) is for you who don’t know the third best league in the world after the NHL and KHL. Its also a league that produces a lot of players to the both there other leagues and especially the NHL.

I haven’t got the opportunity to watch any game so far because I live in Norway its make it a bit more difficult to watch but I solve it from time to time anyway.

So far both Färjestad and Frölunda are the only two teams that won both their games so far. But from what I predict for this season these two teams should be two of the contenders for the title this year. Even if you really can’t make any predictions from the results so far. However my predictions for these two teams are more built on what players they have on the roster this year.

Are you interested in SHL and like it or want to know more, please leave a comment below.

Hockey: Frölunda, Quarterfinal

Yesterday where hockey night here in my home, almost for the first time this year. For you who don’t know I am a big Frölunda Indians fan and try to follow them as close as possible. But to be honest it haven’t been that many games that I been able to see this season. And last night where game 7 in the quarterfinals in the Swedish Hockey Leauge (SHL). 

I watched the entire game and it ended in the best possible way. They won and they went on to the simifinals. After a game that is the best game I’ve seen in a long long time. It wasn’t over until the very last second and that what makes me love hockey.

Now it’s time to see more and I will find the time for it.


Hockey and cleaning

Cleaning and hockey is a perfect combination. Hate cleaning but who don’t l? So I’m cleaning here at home and just watched my favorite team Frölunda Indiana from Gothenburg win gains Modo from Örnsköldsvik. Great to see them win. They are looking strong this year hope they win this year.

A lot on my mind

Been some rather though work out seasons the last couple of days and I can feel it now. It’s a good feeling knowing it gives results. Enough about that.

Plans for the weekend are already set. G’s cousin having a birthday party in Sweden that we will attend together with her family so will be some traveling this weekend to Skåne, the southern parts of Sweden.

However the week is not done yet there are a lot of it left. I haven’t got so much time to do things so far this week. As mentioned yesterday this week has been rather intense and I think it will continue to be that way.

Hope I get some time to relax this weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to follow that much SHL hockey lately so will see when I can find time for that. Right now I keep my self updated with help of podcasts. Then I’m waiting for the NHL season to start.

A lot of things on my mind right now and hope as you might understood by this post. Have a great day now!

SHL premier

Last night was the opening night for the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). Only one game and that between Luleå and Skellefteå. Both teams from the northern part of Sweden.

I got some time to watch the game and saw the most of it. Was a great opening game with physical game and ended with shoot outs.

Today there is a few more games among them my favorite team Frölunda but we will see if I get time to watch it.

See you soon!