Food, Beer & Copenhagen

Right now in Copenhagen for about 24 hours on vacation. So I’ve been here before and seen the little mermaid, Nyhavn and a few other tourist sites. So, what to do? It’s pretty simple. I love this city and I love food and beer. Which in this case seams to be a pretty perfect combo. Because that’s something that Copenhagen does really good.

Me and my wife started of by talking a walk and go shopping in the district of Vesterbro that is a really cool district. I found a new shirt and T-shirt.

Then we had booked a table at Mad & Kaffe after recommendations from a friend that lives in Copenhagen. Here I had the best ice the I ever had. Sweet ice the with passion fruit. Already here this where a really good place that I had the salmon sandwich and the fries with aioli and it became a great place. One of my best experiences of Scandinavian food.

After lunch it was nice to walk from Vesterbro to Nørrebro along the lakes and water in central Copenhagen. The warm sunny weather and the beautiful and diverse architecture made this replacing and beautiful. Got that summer vacation vibe.

Then we stopped at Brus which is a stunning beer and food bar in a brewery run by To Øl. I found this place while looking for beer bars and breweries in Copenhagen. This is hipster place with classic Scandinavian interior and amazing beer. Probably my new favorite place in Copenhagen. Can’t wait to visits the place again.

A walk back to the hotel and then dinner at Warpigs in Kødbyen. Which also is a brewery pub know for its meat in Texan bbq style and their beer. Real great meat and good beer in a big square with a lot of other restaurants.

Amazing day in Copenhagen and a great day just hangin around.

Shopping & Sightseeing in Copenhagen

This morning I woke up in an sunny Copenhagen with snow in the air. I live a short walk from the train station and could see from my hotel window, it’s a pretty majestic building. I started of the day by take a walk to the pedestrian shopping street Strøget.

Started out by the city hall which is a enormous brick building with status and gold.

We walked along Strøget and took a side street in order to find H&M’s latest concept which is a store brand called Arket. I rather quick found two T-shirt’s and a woolen hat. Bit by wife won the shopping as she usually does.

The my sister and her boyfriend joined us and we had a quick hotdog at 7-eleven. Before we hoped on a hop on hop off sightseeing bus and a tour called the mermaid tour. Yes it actually takes you to the statue of the mermaid as a inspiration of the famous danish author H.C. Andersens story. The tour also show us Nyhavn a The Royal palaces in Copenhagen among other things.

After that we slit up for a moment me and the family and me and G got back to Strøget for some more shopping. And I spent some time taking some photos. The tour and the walking around Copenhagen has really made me see more of the great architecture of Copenhagen.

We finished of the night by dinner at the concept restaurant The Italian. Which obviously serves great Italian food. Where we had a three course dinner and some good wine, everyone excepts my sister which is pregnant. So pretty awesome day and I highly recommend The Italian.

Bali – Day 2, Bali Collection

During my visit in Nusa Dua I took a free bus from the hotel to the Bali Collection shopping center to check it out. This dispit everything not so good that I’ve read about it. In one way it’s everything I’ve read about it, high prices compared to other places in Bali and even compared to other place I’ve visited I don’t think that it’s especially good value for money. However, it’s a colorful place and quite interesting and I had no problem strolling around and just looking in the stores and at the things that was going on.

If you’re ready to pay more than you know you can get it for in other places or just want a shopping center that’s well guarded this can be a place for you. I thought it was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it.


Day 3 Camarillo Outlet

Yeaterday where a shopping day and me and G spent most of the day at Camarillo outlet. So we did some shopping but if you’re going here count on spending an whole day here because it’s big and it takes time. Took more time than we expected.

After the visit to the outlet we drove up to Santa Barbara and to a walk on the beach and at the boardwalk before we drive the last leg up to our stay for the night a few miles north of Cambria.

Pretty tired when we arrived. Today we also got a rather long drive in front of us along highway one but we got a little bit of a different strategy today. The basic plan is however to drive up to Santa Cruz. 


Rome, Day 3

First two  days where all about the classic must see and do things of Rome. Today have been different, much more focus on just enjoying the city. Started of with a late breakfast and then a nice walk in the lovely weather out in the park around Vila borgese. A great park which makes me thing of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco by in an Italian style.

The went shopping with only a quick stop for lunch and after that we relaxed with some ice cream outside of the church Santa Maria maggiore. And this evening we have been out eating as usually at place we visited earlier this week.

Time to get some sleep before we leave tomorrow. See you. Will write more about the shopping later on.



Saturday in Glasgow

As I mentioned earlier am I in Scotland this weekend and visiting G’s sister K together with G off course. Se lives right now live in Paisley right outside of Glasgow.

So yesterday we took the bus in to Glasgow and spent the entire day there. First we took a walk a long the shopping streets and it’s a very beautiful city with many old buildings. Got to say that I really liked the architecture even if it’s different some much other things that I’ve seen.

Then we had lunch at a fish and chip restaurant. A review will come but I was very good. Felt as I experienced the food I should here. Not so brave that I dared to try haggis yet. Not today maybe another time.

After that we visited the lighthouse and went to a viewpoint in the top I the building and got a nice view of the entire city. The we went shopping and I found some new shoes which I’m very happy for. Pictures will come later.

Then the stores closed so we took a walk down to the river which where windy but beautiful to see. And after that we headed back to Paisley and had dinner at home and just socialized which where very nice.

Had a great day and hope to share more photos from the trips as soon as I get back to Oslo. So probably during this week.

Shopping Sunday in Copenhagen

Yesterday where the last day of my trip in Copenhagen and the only day that I in fact spend the most of the day in Copenhagen. We had a flight that left first that evening so we got some time in Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city. The plane where to take a walk and se some sightseeing spots but the weather where very windy and also had some rain so we started the walk but cut it short and went shopping at the shopping street Strøget and in the neighborhood around it. Strøget is apparently the longest shopping street in Europe did I learn today. If my sources are correct is it this with a length if approximately 1100 meters.

I found two t-shirts from the Danish clothing brand Samsø & Samsø that I really like and a little photography book at Urban Outfitters.

Also looked for some cloths for G and found some stuff and &other stories.

We where also in some other stores but it where her we did some shopping. Then we had lunch at a Italian restaurant that I will write a restaurant review at as soon as possible.

After that we took a nice walk by the water back to the hotel and picked up our bags and headed out to he airport where we ate some and did some more minor shopping.