Weekend with my sister

I’ve just said farewell to my sister and her boyfriend V that have been visiting me and G during the weekend. It’s the first time they are visiting and pretty much the first time they have been to Oslo for real so been a lot of showing them around in the city but the main goal has been just to eat good and hang out.

But we to a nice long walk by the royal castle and continued down to the parliament building an looked at that. After that we went down to opera house and me and V climbed the roof of if. Then we to a stroll to Aker brygge where we had lunch, coffee and ice cream before we headed back home and watched the Swedish royal wedding and had a nice dinner and sat out on the balcony and talked until past midnight.

My sister is on e of the most important people in my life and even I we live quite far away from each other and in different countries we still talk to each other regularly and rather often. I really appreciate the weekend that we had here in Oslo hope to see her soon again.

It’s been a great weekend but now it’s time to get ready for a new week.

Oslo Royal Castle


Upcoming visit…

A new weeks is getting closer with new adventures and new fun plans. The upcoming weekend my sister M and her boyfriend V will visits me and G here in Oslo for the first time. My sister usually works during the weekend so it’s vey difficult to find to to see each other. As you probably know by now the family is very important to me and during the last year I have become even more so.

So I’m looking forward her visit very much. Now I will see what I can come up with things we can do while their here.


Planning a visit by my Sister

Foe quite some time me and my sister have tried to meet up here in Oslo and for her to visits me. 

But for the last few days have we talked more about if and fiannaly gotten closer to solve the puzzle. But it’s not that simple because she normally works during weekends but now I think we found a weekend where she can visit which is very fun.

So if nothing other disturbs the plans we will probably meet here in Oslo in the middle of June. So really hope this works out now. 



Birthday party for my sister

Sunday and me and G are out on the road. We are driving south agains Halmstad where my sister lives. This so in order to attend her birthday party for family and relatives.

A long drive from the cottage/cabin where we have stayed for the last couple of days but it’s worth just to spend time with my entire family for the first time in a very long time.

Will be a 6 hour drive but we have borrowed my father in laws Volvo XC60. Borrow it from time to time when I’m in Sweden and it a great cat and so fun to drive. Makes it all so much easier.


New Years Day

Was in a New Years dinner and didn’t get back to where me and G are staying until rather late last night. So I slept until noon today for the first time in a very long time.

Was a nice dinner last night with G and then there where three other couples. The dinner was at our friends E and N very successful I would say.

However today started as I mention rather slow today but the I got the speed up and me nod G took a small road trip to Halmstad where we visited my sister M and her boyfriend V. So we ate a classic New Year’s Day Meal, we ate pizza. After that my sister made som desert.

We drove back to the Gothenburg area last night in heavy rain and end the night with trying out the new trivial pursuit that we stopped to buy on our way home from Halmstad with G’s family. Note that I won, very Important.


Evening Swim

As you might know already, I love water and to work out in water in differ wt ways. So after a long Christmas I went to the local swimming hall and worked out. Worked on improving my technique and got a lot of tips from my father in law that where there as well. But most of all it was nice to get some exercise after all Christmas food and car driving.

Also been quick to Kungsbacka and meet quickly with my sister M and her friend M. Nice to see them. Time to call it a day now but tomorrow is the last day of 2014.


Visiting my sister in Halmstad

Monday and the official start of my Christmas vacation. After a hotel breakfast I left Lund and headed north again but not too far this time. The plan is where to visit my sister M and her boyfriend V. I’ve now just woken up at their place and today I head back to the Gothenburg area again.

Halmstad where my sister lives is a city that I know pretty well since I where stationed there during my military service. Been. great to visit my sister and to see Halmstad.

Yesterday we had dinner out at O’Learys hope to write a review on that soon. Then we took a walk in the city and went shopping a little bit. After that we head back to their home and ate tacos, watched a Christmas tv show and after that a Nhl game between Detroit and Colorado. A pretty nice day I have to say.