This weekend has been a bit more intense tha usually because I had to get back earlier today to Sweden. In order to celebrate my dad who turned 55 earlier this week. Where a nice party and I got to see my sister for the first time since Christmas.

So what have I done more this weekend? Friday I drove up to Oslo and my girlfriend G where at a film shoot and came home after me so I had some time to watch 2 episodes of the Tv serie breakout kings. And than we had some wine and just hung out.

Saturday we drove to Brovoll which is about a 1 hour drive north of Oslo into the maountains and went cross country skiing and it was so calm and peaceful and the nature where just amazing so at one point I just had to stop just to enjoy the quiteness, amazing. And the view where stunning lite a winter wonderland.

Later that night we drove back to Oslo and went to see Singin In the Rain at Folketeatret. Great musical and great show which ended a great day.


Going skiing

Last weekend my to be in-laws are here (my girlfriend G’s family). And Saturday we went Nordic skiing near Solli Gård (Gård=farm). Went all together for a rather easy trail but as always here in Norway with beautiful nature. One of my favorite things about this country. Afterwards we stopped by a cafe at the farm and had some hot chocolate. Tasted real good then. 

Thought I would share some photos from this.


Weekend plans

The weekend is coming up and G’s family will visit us here in Oslo. I’m looking forward to it and but before the arrive tomorrow we have some things that we must do. 

G’s sister K has birthday on Sunday as well so a bit special weekend. Other than that the plans is to go skiing. Which I’m so looking forward to. There forecast says snow and colder weather which would be great fun. 

Here as picture some me skiing in the mountains a few weeks ago.


Mixed Sunday

Today has been a mixed day. Slept until I woke up which always is nice but had a feeling of mixed emotion today. Don’t know what is it but some days just are that way, probably a bit tired I would guess.

Have been out skiing 11 km today again. Was hard work to mange that distance today. Neither skies or conditions where perfect but was nice to get some exercise and to spend time with G. Had the entire weekend together which has been amazing. And think I love here even more than ever right now.

Working on some trips still the trip to Rome had some problems but hope I’ve solved them during this afternoon otherwise I have to solve it in another way.

Sunny Sunday Skiing

Sunday and the weather has been great here in Oslo so rather early me and G got out of the apartment and went cross country skiing out in Songsvann here in Oslo. Same route as I did alone last Saturday but the weather was much better today and nice to have company. Skied 11 km today and very pleased with that.

Have a lot of energy today and where beautiful out in the woods today. That is probably one if the things O learned the most from living in Norway to get outdoors and out in the wood. It has also awaken an interest for cross country skiing that I never really had at this level earlier. With that I done day I’m very good but I think it’s a lot of fun.

Photos from this lovely day.

Last day of skiing

Sunday where the last day of skiing up in the mountains for this time. Hope me and G can get up there more times but nothing planned for now at least. However, last day of skiing where great. The weather was perfect as you can see and the slopes where good. It was great conditions that turned in to a great day and great skiing.

Hoped to get this post up on Monday but due to technical difficulties it had to wait. See you tomorrow again.


Been out skiing all day with G here in Hafjell and even if it wasn’t the best weather it was good. But for tomorrow we are expexting some sun for a few hours at least.

First time I am in Hafjell to ski and the length of the slopea are great compared to what I am used to in Sweden but the slopes are much easier here than I am used to even if I’m not an advanced skier.

I general a good impresion hope for more skiing tomorrow before we head back to Oslo.

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Just arived to the mountain

Just arrived at the mountain again in Hafjell here in Norway. Where here in the autumn about a week before the season started last time and had an amazing weekend. Now i’m back and its ski and winter season. The mountain are prepared for skiing and I am really looking forward to it.

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Cross country skiing premier

Finally where it enough snow and I had a bit of time to get out and cross country ski for the first time this season. Skied about 6 kilometers so are pretty pleased with that.

Doubtful that I manage to get out more this week but the weekend plans involve downhill skiing in the mountains where me and G rented a cabin. I am so looking forward to that.

However, nice to get out and get some workout. Just what I needed.

Planning a weekend in the mountains

Half the week has already past and it went quick. Now I am looking forward to the trip med and G have planned for a long time the the mountains this weekend. Its a ski resort we are going to visit but the ski season doesn’t start first 29th of November so we will get into the mountains and just relax and discover a new part of Norway. Read some snow reports and it has been snowing but the not so much that there will be any downhill/alpine skiing. However even if its doubtful there might be some tracks for cross country skiing in the area that we can use. Hope that it would be very nice to be able to get some cross country skiing this weekend. We will see but I promise to keep you posted.

However, this is one of the first real trips we will make since we moved here for more than one year ago. So I’m really looking forward to it and we have hired a car to get there. Obviously we hired a Volvo as the Swedes we are. I hope it’s one of the later models and will be fun to try the new V40.

Tonight G are working late so I had dinner in front of the TV and watched a documentary on youtube about the development of aircraft carriers thought out the history, much better documentary than the one I watched a few days ago. If you’re interested in that kind of things I attached in the bottom of this post.