Spa Weekend with G

This weekend I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend G on a spa on the Swedish west coast which is a Christmas gift from my mom to us.  So we have been in the spa and in the restaurant mostly and had a great weekend but I haven’t hade the camera or my iPhone with me for pretty much all of the weekend witch might be the most relaxing thing about this weekend but we took a walk along the water this morning and then I hade my Leica T I just couldn’t skip to upload a few of these photos here on the blog.




Sunday back

As you might have noticed I’ve not been very active here on the blog for a few days or the last week because I’ve been a bit sick but now I hope to be back. So today I got out of the appartment for first time in a few days and took a walk in the park. Beautiful but cold weather.

Oh, I might not have mentioned that but the first snow has now fallen here in Oslo. 



Snow prediction…

I’m going out on a bold prediction. Right now there I a lot of cold air and it smells like its snow up in the air. But there is no snow up in the air. Because of that I think that the snow will be early this year. The cold air in combination with the rather cold summer. As long as I get the opportunity to go cross country skiing that’s okay by me.

Other than my gut feeling I read that the an America weather service predicts approximately 66 days of snow and ice and I don’t think it will be less in Oslo this winter.


Early signs of spring

Sitting on the balcony and relaxing and at the same time are BBQ some choritzos. In fact it’s the second time since I got home today that I’m using the grill. Gives me a good summer vibe  even if it’s spring. But when we got snow here in Oslo this morning both spring and summer felt quite distant but got better during the day. And even been a rather sunny afternoon on my balcony.

Picked up a new thing/furniture to mine and G’s home today that we both are quite pleased with. Will probably be a post about that tomorrow. Now it’s time to spend some time with G before we it’s time to get some sleep.

It’s truly a beautiful evening and the air is so cripy. Something special about that. 





Snow and Dad

It’s unbelievable, this morning alone it came over 20 centimeters of snow. So the buses didn’t go this morning so I had to walk to work which was quite okay because my dad called from back in Sweden so we got to talk a little bit.  Where nice to talk to him where a long time since last we talked. It was a good morning and I’m quite happy about it all. 

And tonight I’ve been cleaning at home and got a few minutes in front of the tv and to talk with G.

Thanks for today and see you tomorrow.


Last day of skiing

Sunday where the last day of skiing up in the mountains for this time. Hope me and G can get up there more times but nothing planned for now at least. However, last day of skiing where great. The weather was perfect as you can see and the slopes where good. It was great conditions that turned in to a great day and great skiing.

Hoped to get this post up on Monday but due to technical difficulties it had to wait. See you tomorrow again.

Cross country skiing premier

Finally where it enough snow and I had a bit of time to get out and cross country ski for the first time this season. Skied about 6 kilometers so are pretty pleased with that.

Doubtful that I manage to get out more this week but the weekend plans involve downhill skiing in the mountains where me and G rented a cabin. I am so looking forward to that.

However, nice to get out and get some workout. Just what I needed.

Last night in Oslo before Christmas

Its snowing and the snow stays on the ground for the first time this year. I bet that within the next days its possible to do some cross county/ Nordic skiing but I will have to wait until i get back and hope I can be able to get out then. Not sad for that have other fun plans for the upcoming days.

Keep quite about my plans long enough, tomorrow after work I leave Norway in order to spend Christmas back home in Sweden with friends and family. So this is the last night in Oslo so will pack for the trip and clean so its nice when I get back. I am super excited for getting back to Sweden and got quite a few things planned for the days before Christmas. But med and G will start of in the Gothenburg area before we split up for a couple of days.

Prepared the camera and pretty much good to go. Hope I will get the opportunity to get some nice stuff for the blog. And I will post that review on last nights restaurant soon I hope.

Hiking on the mountain

Just got back from hiking on the mountain and on the top of Mosetertoppen at 833 meters over the sea. Where our for almost three hours and on the top it was snowing. Was a beautiful hike and had my DSLR camera with me and took some photos so hope some of them where okey and something I can share here in the blog in a post later.

For now you get a photo from the view point a few hundred meters over where our cabin is located.


Planning a weekend in the mountains

Half the week has already past and it went quick. Now I am looking forward to the trip med and G have planned for a long time the the mountains this weekend. Its a ski resort we are going to visit but the ski season doesn’t start first 29th of November so we will get into the mountains and just relax and discover a new part of Norway. Read some snow reports and it has been snowing but the not so much that there will be any downhill/alpine skiing. However even if its doubtful there might be some tracks for cross country skiing in the area that we can use. Hope that it would be very nice to be able to get some cross country skiing this weekend. We will see but I promise to keep you posted.

However, this is one of the first real trips we will make since we moved here for more than one year ago. So I’m really looking forward to it and we have hired a car to get there. Obviously we hired a Volvo as the Swedes we are. I hope it’s one of the later models and will be fun to try the new V40.

Tonight G are working late so I had dinner in front of the TV and watched a documentary on youtube about the development of aircraft carriers thought out the history, much better documentary than the one I watched a few days ago. If you’re interested in that kind of things I attached in the bottom of this post.